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September, 2007 | Ayyyy!
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Brad Pitt tackles climate change

“So…uh..if we all hold each other like this, then we can share body warmth..and um..we can switch our heaters off…you know…and save on energy during the winter months.”

PS: In addition to saving the world one hug at a time, Brad has also pledged up to $5 million towards the Make It Right project.

Things you may not know about foreign places

When visiting Milan, be careful what you tote around because they look upon fake goods with deep suspicion and mistrust.

Andre Agassi, man of the world

For all his good work through the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, and possibly his entertaining court antics throughout the years, Andre Agassi has been awarded with…wait for it….a plastic desk globe. Either Bill Clinton’s people were trying to make a strong symbolic statement with this Clinton Global Citizen Award or they figured that Andre would appreciate something round and shiny like his head.

Teaching young dogs old tricks

Q: What’s better than beating out Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp and Rupert Grint to win the first National Movie Award for best male performance?

A: Getting goosed expertly by Helen Mirren while she jollily regales you with tales of her naked beach capers.


We’re back, and linkier than ever!

Timberlake in leather (blogger faints) (DailyStab)

Lindsay is positive! about using drugs, that is (PopCrunch)

Kimberly Stewart’s boobs are lopsided (AgentBedhead)

Britney wears underwear! (CelebritySmack)

Mena Suvari’s new look (I’mNotObsessed)

Do NOT watch Mariah Carey pee! (HolyCandy, and don’t worry; it’s not a video post)

Farrah Fawcett’s alternative cancer therapy (CeleBitchy)

The Curse of Howdy Doody (WOWReport)

Angelina Jolie: still employable (USWeekly)

Nicole Richie’s stripper heels (Jossip)

Carl Lewis’ new vibrator (Gizmodo)

Britney has one for the road…on the road (EvilBeetGossip)

Ben does not beat Jen (ICYDK)

Dylan McDermott is back on the market! (BricksAndStones)

Jailbird Paris Hilton is the Halloween Costume of the Year (Seattle PI)

Kelly Ripa rocking the Gollum look (Dlisted)

Britney Spears Art Exhibit, y’all! (CityRag)

Kiefer Sutherland DUI charges (Defamer)

We can dig up racy pics too

Should I sell out to US Weekly or People Mag?

You so know that if this was Vanessa Hudgens or Meg White or Oscar De La Hoya, this post would be getting way more hits.

Source: Flickr.com

Ayyyy! Debra Messing!

SPIRIT FINGERS: “I Am Not A Plastic Bag.”

MANOLO: “Express…” straight to Kirstie Alley Junction.

PLUMCAKE: Is it bad that when I first saw this I thought “damn, I think I forgot to put the tarp over the firewood?”

SPIRIT FINGERS: Guys, I don’t know if we should be doing this. Can we really judge a celebrity if we haven’t walked a mile in their sandals with their personal assistant by our side to carry all the shopping?

PLUMCAKE: It’s like a math problem. If xylophonic actress “A” has a drag coefficient area of Cd x YFt^2 when Y=rillyrillybig, how many big-boned residents of Boca have to sacrifice their lucky bingo schmattas?

MANOLO: Thank Heavens for that camisole.

PLUMCAKE: Thank Heavens that her flip flops have those little suckers on the bottom. Girlfriend would be at 30,000 feet over Van Nuys right now.

SPIRIT FINGERS: Maybe her car broke down again and she had to parachute into town for some provisions. Damn Toyota Priuses!

PLUMCAKE: No kidding, but she’ll get hers. Those Macy’s handlers are going to be pissed when they discover she’s run away.

MANOLO: Shelly Winter’s wardrobe! Helen Thomas’s hair color!

SPIRIT FINGERS: In the words of the immortal Karen Walker – “Grace, honey, that thing hurts like a hangover.”

If you want to see more, go watch the movie

Prada is one of those special brands that has something for every occasion. Like say, if you are a young sought after actress at a special screening of her first fully nude movie scene, and you need to quell the intense, rabid excitement by buttoning up, eliminating all hint of bodily curves and suggesting that your entire pelvic region has been removed to that your waist connects directly to your thighs.

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