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Second skin


Just in case you needed proof that, you know, it wasn’t painted on.

All is revealed!

Food, glorious food!

Here are the mouthwatering answers to Monday’s puzzle corner:
1. Babette’s Feast
2. Eat Drink Man Woman – The Opening Scene
3. Spanglish – The World’s Greatest Sandwich
4. Like Water for Chocolate – The wedding cake
5. Soul Food
6. Chocolat – The Chocolaterie
7. Waitress
8. Volver
9. Tampopo – The Noodlemaster
10. Big Night – The Big Feast

Congratulations to Heather Outside Boston for a pack-leading 5 out of 10 and kudos to MissMarj for identifying the elusive no. 4. For your efforts, you may treat yourself to the gastronomical extravaganza that is Babette’s Feast (provided you can find someone to prepare it for you).  And for those who are still not sated, here are some more classic food scenes to enjoy:

1. Goodfellas – prison food
2. Ratatouille – Remy cooks
3. Tom Jones – lusty eating

Does Liv Tyler not give a damn anymore?

Comfy AND sparkly!

If it has sequins, then it must be ok to wear outside the house (even if it’s pretty much just an oversized sweatshirt)!

But how then does one explain the foot bandaging?  The result of taking an ill-advised stroll over hot coals or broken glass, do you think?

My wounds are still healing

Hard Boiled Links

Shamus of the Dead! (AgentBedhead)

Ex-stripper Diablo Cody is a Twit (Defamer)

RIP, Dr. Albert Hofmann (Gawker)

Scarlett Johansson’s smoky voice falls down (DailyStab)

A good femme fatale knows exactly what she’s worth (CelebritySmack)

There’s always a tall, icy blonde in a little black dress (GoFugYourself)

CSI bust: posession of coke and heroin and more street cred than I thought  (ImNotObsessed)

Ricky Martin’s tropical island headquarters (Lossip)

The embittered con wants millions in cash from Amy Winehouse (CeleBitchy)

The plucky hoofer with two strikes against him (Mollygood)

Starring Lydia Hearst as the underage socialite (PerezHilton)

Your implausible plot twist, courtesy of The Hills (IBBB)

The Golden Couple in the South of France (JustJared)

Dick Cheney, not amused

Some guys have all the luck, harumph!

This is not the look of a happy man.  If only he’d buttered up whoever was in charge of the seating arrangements. He could have landed a prime spot next to the soft, silky and smooth-skinned Jenny McCarthy instead of that annoying fake couple from The Hills (which he wasn’t even sure was really a reality show to begin with).

I could look at this all night

BAFTA Television Awards Recap or: Graham Norton is One Fierce Bitch

my imaginary boyfriend, Graham NortonGod I love Graham Norton.

There is positively no reason for him to be in this post other than I love him, pure and simple. He is camp and cute and so, SO inappropriate (I died a thousand deaths when he set up his friend Dawn French –who is happily married to Lenny Henry– with a self-identified “chubby chaser” via some internet dating site and broadcast the entire thing on his television show) and if I were still the sort of girl who dated gay Irishmen, I would gladly be Teh Best Sexless Marriage Evar!!!1! with him.

Watch him here waxing eloquent about Dolly Parton and interviewing the unforgivably doable (seriously, call me) David Tennant.

In a continuing theme of fierce British bitches I give you Joanna Lumley who created my heroine, the legendary louche Patsy Stone of Ab Fab fame, making a bold choice in Hermes orange and Dame Judi Dench who will always have better hair than you. Always.

J. LumJ. Dench

Don’t try this at home, kids!

I am a walking masterpiece! to behold

Wow, check out the meticulous detail on that – you can really tell that someone thought long and hard about the fine line between high art and mere porn, especially when carving out that fig leaf shape.  This is clearly the work of several master craftsmen acting in perfect concert, impossible to replicate by yourself no matter how fashionably attuned you may think you are. Remember that these things are best left to professionals, otherwise it will only end in utter and complete tragedy.

I just can't catch a break huh?

Underage and Overexposed Links

Miley Cyrus is Electra Woman for the 21st Century! (Celebuwreck)

Speaking of “parent issues:” Michael Jackson Comeback Threat Alert Red (CelebSlam)

Gwyneth Paltrow is only ever Gwyneth Paltrow, even when it costs other people a fortune (CeleBitchy)

Gwyneth Paltrow pulls a Miley Cyrus, twenty years later (NOTW)

Amy Poehler will be a good Baby Mama (Derober)

Why Miley Cyrus’ overexposure is all Annie Leibovitz’s fault (Gawker)

TR Knight brings GLAAD tidings politicians don’t want to hear (E!)

Celebrity beverages. Must be of legal age or, presumably, on an Annie Leibovitz shoot (Jossip)

Annie Leibovitz is sorry we all misunderstood the naked fifteen-year-old “art” (WendyWayrad)

Battle of the B-Movie Directors (AgentBedhead)

Miley Cyrus just wants to make you happy (WebstersIsMyBitch)

Kirk Douglas defends the olds (Defamer)

John Travolta sez: looking like a porn star is not just for kids anymore! (Yeeeeah)

In sexually-exploited-former-child-star news: Britney sane enough to reprise HIMYM role (Dlisted)

Slash’s kids keep their clothes and their attitude ON, baby! (SeriouslyOMG)

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are so money, yet lack cabfare? (PopSugar)

Beyonce and Jay-Z have good old-fashioned values (HolyMoly)

Meanwhile, 15-year-old with longest odds actually turning out classy (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Miley Cyrus is a budding Annie Leibovitz herself (CelebritySmack)

Pamela Anderson works hard for PETA, does not know what you mean by “cognitive dissonance” (PopBytes)

Is the Hoff old enough to be dating EVE HERSELF??? (ImNotObsessed)

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