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June, 2008 | Ayyyy!
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Rite of passage

No, don't use me as Oscar bait!

Some call it sadistic abuse but Hollywood prefers to think of it as the ritual hazing one has to undergo to become an A-lister like Charlize or Will. OK so Jason Bateman probably won’t be able to sit down for a month afterwards, but it’ll all be worth it when he finally makes it into that hallowed group of thespians. 

Ayyyy! Puzzle corner

This week’s puzzle corner is dedicated to anyone who’s ever wanted to be whisked away in a horse-drawn carriage by their Prince Charming to a five-star castle with all the mod-cons, where you would both live happily ever after, doing meaningful charity work and each other on a regular basis. 

Now that we’re done with daydreaming, we invite you to straighten up your tiara and identify the movie princesses below.   Who are these noblewomen who have lit up the screens with their radiant and fair presence?

Answers will be put up on Wednesday morning.  In the meantime I will be twirling about in my pretty cape and enticing those simple woodland creatures to do my bidding.

Where is my goddamn prince?

Fashion trend alert: Quarterback shoulders

Hut hut hut!

I say the bigger the better!  It’ll make your enemies quake with fear and give you that much more personal space during the daily commute.  Just turn sideways before going through any doorways and you’ll be fine.

Milan Fashion Week roundup

Honey, try not to clash with me

Forget about shoes, handbags, even jewelry – it’s time to make your man your most colourful accessory! 

Last Links of the Week

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Russell Simmons’ child support just got a little pricier (BlackCelebrityKids)

The quiet, dignified world of competitive athletics gets a new hero (AgentBedhead)

Six Hollywood secrets (Derober)

The Stars of 1993 (CelebritySmack)

Uma off the market (People)

Lilo’s secret sister (DailyStab)

Nicole Richie to write a cookbook (OK)

Sarah Larson (remember her?) stiffs staff (CeleBitchy)

Mini-Me’s sex tape partner is mad (WWTDD)

Hugh Jackman is…hmmmm…wha?…was I saying something? (CityRag)

Celebrity Ego Chart Fun! (EvilBeet)

Matthew McConaughey shouldn’t rely on the kindness of strangers (PopSugar)

Charlize Theron fears the blogs! (ImNotObsessed)

Dmitiri the phone-stalker stalked! (DListed)

The Mary-Kate/Spencer feud (Defamer)

Paris Hilton’s lost twin found! (CandyKirby)

Emile Hirsch rocks the Rimbaud look (JustJared)

Hawt or Nawt: Young John McCain (Raincoaster)

As seen on someone more stylish than you

Wow, I really do buy a lot of crap

If you only commit to two things this season, make these looks your fashion mantra for they will serve you well across the span of an entire day.  Not to confuse matters but you’ll find that the day look also works at bedtime and the evening look is also appropriate for the daytime if dark sorcery is involved. 

Odd one out

Lucy Liu, red delicious

Here’s a challenge for those who think they know how to pick fresh produce – I have it on good authority that one of the above is far less juicy than the rest.  Without having sampled the wares, can you possibly guess which one it is?

Ayyyy! Pop quiz

Hurry up and take the damn photo!

Whatever the naysayers may naysay about, it is obvious that a romantic getaway has stoked the fires of passion once again and all is well in Longoria-Parkerland.  From this alone, we can deduce that Florence is the city of:
(a) sights so glorious they will bring tears of wonder to your eyes and infinite bliss to your heart
(b) unforgettably sensual and life-changing experiences
(c) grand love stories set against a tableau of rich, vivid cultural tradition
(d) perfectly staged photo ops

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