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November, 2008 | Ayyyy!
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A Cozy Cab Links

Not a cozy cabin, but a cozy Cabernet Sauvignon which, at about $15 rather than $150,000, is a lot more comfortable.

Nicole Kidman or wax figure? (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Skinny vs Curvy: Lilo vs Lily Allen (SkinnyVsCurvy)

Vegetarians are bloody-minded (AgentBedhead)

Kanye = BRITNEY+++ (CelebWarship)

WinonaSHOPLIFTER4ever! (CeleBitchy)

Happy Birthday Pax! (CelebrityBabyScoop)

The newest Hollywood discovery! (CelebritySmack)

Patrick Swayze: the latest (DailyStab)

Happy ArchiedDAYS (Defamer)

Suri 24/7 (DListed)

Counting things on Thanksgiving ( CandyKirby)

Rosie’s not so grateful (EvilBeet)

Black Friday Indeed! (GabbyBabble)

Santa Claus, demands certain favours

Everything has its price

Maybe things have changed since I last checked, but old Father Christmas seems to be copping a feel of Kelly Ripa in exchange for delivering her a shiny trinket. Whatever happened to just leaving out the old milk and cookies?

Ayyyy! Pop quiz

This one is dumber than Lindsay and Paris

The art of trying to make small talk with new acquaintances is one of the most difficult to master. What question has Britney asked of Monsieur Lagerfeld that has left him somewhat nonplussed?
(a) Does he have a spare Chanel dress that can be loaned to her for dog poop duty?
(b) Could he make his designs a little less “Katie Holmes”, a little more Suri Cruise?
(c) Why is her Bambi award shaped like a deer and not an exotic dancer?
(d) Would he be interested in going on a blind date with a good friend who recently got divorced?

Pumpkin Ale Links

Well, what else are you going to drink on Thanksgiving? Those Shirley Temples Aunt Flossie mixes are way too strong!

Mariah Carey is thankful Ellen doesn’t ask too many questions (Websters)

Axl Rose, however, is ungrateful (SeriouslyOMG)

Be thankful this guy isn’t following you down a dark alley (UKPopsugar)

Be glad your name isn’t something as dumb as Bronx Mowgli (Mollygood)

Josh Duhamel gives thanks for polar bears (JustJared)

I am grateful for entertaining double entendres (JustJaredJr)

Zac Braff is thankful for his newfound freedom (ImNotObsessed)

Millions of men grateful for Natalie Portman’s failure to understand (CandyKirby)

Be thankful this dude is not your dad! (People)

Happy Thanksgivingmass (IBBB)

Celebs share their Thanksgiving turkeys with us! (Defamer)

What celebs are grateful for (ONTD)

I’m grateful I’m not these people’s Thanksgiving dinner guest (DailyStab)

Rejoice! They finally found a use for Barney! (CelebritySmack)

Be grateful you didn’t have Sarah Larson’s terrible burdens (CeleBitchy)

And be grateful you’re not Rachel Johnson, winner of the most prestigious award in literature (maybe, maybe not) (AgentBedhead)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you are all enjoying the warmth of being with family and friends, wherever you are, on this Thanksgiving day. May your turkeys be roasted to a delicious golden brown! If you are not sure how to tell when the turkey is done, here is a colour sample for your reference.

No poking needed!

Teri Hatcher, shedding outer layer

Moulting season

This certainly brings home the importance of investing in a good quality slip, so one only ends up slightly, rather than utterly, mortified when the stitching goes awry.

Nicole Kidman, relegated to the sidelines

Well I never...the nerve of them!

What’s going on here I say? That doesn’t sound right! He doesn’t even have an Oscar or a big-budget two-hour 40-minute long epic opening in thousands of theatres this weekend! Can somebody explain why this guy is getting asked all the questions?

And what was the last thing he starred in again?

All is revealed!

Fake music

Here are the answers to Monday’s puzzle corner:
1.  This is Spinal Tap
2. That Thing You Do!
3. Soul Men
4. Velvet Goldmine
5. 8 Mile
6. Dreamgirls
7. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
8. Almost Famous
9. Hustle and Flow
10. A Mighty Wind

Congratulations to mini_pixie for an illustrious 9 out of 10 and to Kerri for identifying the elusive no. 9!  We bring out a grand drumroll and ten-trumpet salute to honour your mastery of movie musicians.  As your reward you may gyrate along to the rhythm of Hugh Grant in tight pants.

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