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Have a good one folks!

May everybody stay safe and well as you ring in the New Year, wherever you may be. Here’s hoping that 2009 is kind to us! Oh, and make sure you don’t end up next to the crazy guy with the beard on the stroke of midnight.

Diddy is scared

Decision time: Giorgio Armani v Daniel Craig

ArmaniAll manly

To make up for the picture of Donatella Versace, here is something to mull over with your brew of choice. What would you prefer to frolic on the sand with – some dry Italian chic or a chunk of moist British beefcake?

Nog Latte Links

Tom Cruise sez Anonymous causes paranoia (AgentBedhead)

But he’s willing to risk the lives of nine unborn children (AmyGrindhouse)

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Lindsay Lohan, expanding her horizons

Lindsay Lohan

Well I never….underwear with a crotch! Who would have thought?!?

Victoria Beckham, letting herself go

Time to put on fat pants

I like how this picture was taken after a 10-course gastronomic feast at what could only be the finest of fine dining establishments. Victoria and her sternum look quite sated, don’t you think?

Post-Christmas Port Links

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and another pressie (SeriouslyOMG)

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The Renaissance of Georgette Mosbacher (WOWReport)

Pandas behaving badly

Do we get our one phone call or not?

And to think, just a few hours earlier they were cruising down the highway…at 130 miles per hour with a squadron of county police cars, border patrol agents and several helicopters in full pursuit.

Just because we care

We interrupt your seasonal goings-on to check up on what’s been happening with you. Don’t mind us, we just want to make sure that like Donatella Versace, you’re using the time to work on being fit, fabulous and deeply tanned.

Vintage leather

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