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Peaches Geldof, Bag Lady


I think everyone knows Peaches comes with baggage. I just don’t know anyone who thought she carried it herself.

Friday Caption Contest: Pamela Anderson and Richie Rich

Um, words fail me. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to eloquence by the following? If so, put it in the comments to win fabulous, completely imaginary prizes!

Butt Miley!

Butt Miley!


Wonder who’s getting married and why she hates her maid of honour that much?

Friday Caption Contest Results: Mario Lopez Makeover edition

The time has come to announce the winner of last week’s caption contest. Remember the image (can you EVER forget it)?

Mario Lopez has a makeover

neverbeenbarbie Says:

See? See? I TOLD you it would look better on me!

Congratulations and imaginary swag to neverbeenbarbie, who pulled ahead in a tough field to romp home with the winning line. What shall we pretend to hypothetically award for the imaginary trophy? How about this comely fishnet lingerie set by Honeydew Intimates?

Honeydew Intimates charcoal fishnet lace detail camisole set

Amy Winehouse is well-supported

Amy Winehouse is well-supported


Recovering professional addict Amy Winehouse makes sure she has adequate support for dealing with the paparazzi.

Brad Pitt, back from summer camp

Brad Pitt is easily confused

On the other hand, that shoe pile by the door of Casa Brangelina is a couple of dozen pairs deep by now. Maybe he’s just being practical.

Friday Caption Contest: Mario Lopez

Because Lady Gaga is just too easy:

 Mario Lopez on Nip and Tuck

Shakira in the Pink

Shakira in the Pink


No, that’s not a still from the new Austin Powers movie. It’s twinsie rockstars Pink and Shakira, together again for the first time. This is some emo boy’s greatest fantasy.

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