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Hump Day Hunk: Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

Here you go. You were hinting last week, we know.

To be honest, our first impulse was to feature Our Future Husband (yes, again) but then, nobody’s quite sure what he looks like right now.

You know the old joke? What’s seven feet tall, has long blonde pigtails, and lives in an igloo in Greenland? Salman Rushdie. I sense an update coming…

It’s a Shamisen there aren’t more of these videos

You’ll know what I’m talking about once you’ve seen this. Posting because this is happening TODAY in my very neighborhood of Vangroover, and I am stuck up in the wine country. Gee, how should I drown my sorrows at missing this????

Perfect PJs

perfect party pajamas

perfect party pajamas

Once again we are referencing one of our favorite blogs, GiantPantsOfThe30s, which recently featured these breathtaking hostess pajamas. We are the iconoclasts of the Manolosphere in adoring proper pj’s for party or casual wear. These are good enough for the Museum of Fine Arts, so do not doubt they are good enough for your next dinner party, where you will channel Katherine Hepburn or Carole Lombard, depending on your mood, your hair colour, and whether your gimlet contains vodka or gin.

Lessons from Professor Bill Murray

We’re back! Thanks to Ubuntu upgrades for taking my computer offline for the past half-week. It was lovely to be welcomed back to the interwebs by Philosopher King Bill Murray, seen here nattering on adorably on the subjects of spiced rum, Wes Anderson, and quality Madras pants.

Bill Murray, Mad(ras) Man

Bill Murray in Madras in Cannes

Bill Murray in Madras in Cannes

Oh, Bill Murray, will  you marry me? Or at least lend me that jacket? Once a preppie, always a preppie; check out the topsiders and Wayfarers. Bill Murray is the true Midlife Maharajah of Madras.

Hump Day Hunk: Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay, eh

Bobby Flay, eh

I’ve been house-sitting for the past two months, and while this palatial abode comes with Netflix, wifi, and a couple of hundred tv channels, I’ve got Food Network on basically 24/7. Can’t imagine why…

I like a man who comes with his own condiments

I like a man who knows how to handle his condiments

Leather-clad, badass ginger with fondness for the ponies, a possible attitude problem and an affinity for feats of athleticism? I’m signing up for THAT tasting menu!

Friday Caption Contest Results: Nirvana and RuPaul Edition

We’re slowly catching up on our imaginary-prize-giving for the Caption Contests. Come back with us to an earlier time. A simpler time. A significantly less fabulous time: the Nineties!

Nirvana and RuPaul

Nirvana and RuPaul

April 2, 2012 at 1:05 am #

They were, without question, the worst Supremes cover band of all time.

Congratulations and imaginary swag to igirl99, a second-time winner, if my memory does not fail me. For her victory, we shall award her a case of black smudge stick eye liner from Stila and the very plaid, very 90’s Eugenia Kim black and beige ‘Sammy’ trooper hat from Bluefly.

Eugenia Kim black and beige plaid wool 'Sammy' trooper hat

Smells like…VICTORY!

All in the Family

Wonk Eye is all in the family

Wonk Eye is all in the family

No, it’s not a cougar/cub prowling pack trying to make winky eye contact: it’s genetics, and proof, as if more proof were needed, that there are some things that cannot be corrected by surgical intervention. Something to think about before making the choice to reproduce, eh Paris?

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