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Heather Sweet, you were.

There’s really only ONE celebrity pic in it today: Behold the high school freshman/sophomore who morphed into the goddess known as Dita von Teese. Why, the 40-year-old has hardly changed a bit!

Dita von Teese

Dita von Teese has hardly changed a bit!

The punchlines, they write themselves

Taylor Swift is big on pearl necklaces

Taylor Swift is big on pearl necklaces

Huh, Taylor Swift has a perfume line. Who knew? Ah, the things I’ve been missing by not buying my frragrances at truck stops! Have you heard the latest news? Taylor Swift’s new perfume Taylor comes with a pearl necklace. Make of that what you will. In related news, will Jake Gyllenhaal’s new perfume come with a beard?

Taylor by Taylor Swift

Taylor by Taylor Swift

Sailor Man

Sailor Man

Sailor Man

“I want to give society an element of surprise and impact and I want to cheerfully enliven Japan.”

Mission accomplished. Never change, Japan. Never, ever change.


Tuesday Caption Contest: Rob Lowe, yowe

We’re a bit behind due to seasonal flu, but here is our captialicious photo for your delectation. Today’s apparition may frighten small children and those of exquisite taste. You have been warned.

Rob Lowe yo

Rob Lowe yo

Bynes not?

Amanda Bynes Toque Can Play at That Game

Amanda Bynes Toque-an Play at That Game

Future in-patient, Louis Vuitton bag lady, and Nicki Minaj impersonator Amanda Bynes recently missed her private jet to LA (of course it was a private jet; do you think the air marshals would let someone that crazy on a commercial flight?). And what does a drug-addled former child star do when she misses her plane? Apparently she goes back to her apartment building and hotboxes in the lobby, then flees up 36 flights and throws her bong out the window. Which gives police all the excuse they need to arrest her. We’re sure she’ll soon be livening up a residential rehab program somewhere with her lingerie spinning classes, her mysterious bathroom hijinks, and her endless parade of selfies.

RuPaul is Divalicious!

Ru vs Cindy

Ru vs Cindy, I think we can call this one for the Queen.

All hail the (drag) Queen! And all hail our good friends at World of Wonder, who’ve created this glorious extravaganza of sequinned fabulousity: a YouTube video of every one of RuPaul’s be-gowned catwalks from the five seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the YouTube for which competitive reality television was invented.

Jack Black, live and unrehearsed!

God, I love Tenacious D. I love them more than words can say, which is appropriate, since they are rock band of positively post-articulate awesomenosity, dude. Their front man is the inimitable Jack Black. When god made Jack Black, he threw away the mold (no doubt thinking “what, was I drunk or something?”). And now, direct to you from New Zealand, we present Jack Black reading the weather off a teleprompter and screwing up monumentally, then going in for the clinch with the camera.


Hmmm, guess who wasn’t in his school’s AV club?

Friday Caption Contest Results: Cannes Recycle Edition

It’s time to announce the winner of our gloriously-resurrected Friday Caption Contest. It really was a good round with some fresh entries, but in the end There Can Be Only One.

This is a green dress, no really

This is a green dress, no really

Klee May 18, 2013 at 10:31 pm #

“the deadliest catch” teams up with “project runway” to create the flotsam collection for fall 2013. Make it work!

Congratulations and imaginary swag to Klee! For her hypothetical trophy of virtual awesomeness, we present this antique bejewelled Fish Bangle Bracelet.

Fish Bracelet

This would actually work really well with that dress

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