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Happy Black Friday!

Here are a couple of really, really white people to help you celebrate!


Oh, Coco!

Karl Lagerfeld reportedly thinks that Coco Chanel would not have liked him. “I never bumped into Coco Chanel. It was better that way, she would have hated me,” he said to a rapt audience of students, none of whom were born when he took over designing for the House of Chanel. The changes he’s put in place to modernize the company and keep the designs fresh would have appalled and infuriated the irascible prot0-feminist founder. He added, “Some people say elegance is dead. They’re wrong. It has a new face.”

Miranda Kerr for Chanel

Miranda Kerr for Chanel

Dear Uncle Karl: That ain’t it.

PS, the face is up here!

It’s Twerky Time!

Miley werky the Twerky

Miley werky the Twerky

Wow, from the looks of that Miley must be doing a lot of yoga lately. Compare to dat (pancake) ass of just a few short months ago.

Alex Ferguson kisses and tells: the most explosive celebrity autobiographies!

Nothing gets people reading like a celebrity tell-all, and Sir Alex Ferguson’s My Autobiography is the latest ‘true tale’ to set tongues wagging. It reached the headlines before the shelves when it became the most pre-ordered book of all time, and that’s before the uproar over the content kicked off! While this is just the most recent in a long line of explosive autobiographies, it seems readers can’t get enough of a celebrity scandal.

Cheryl Cole: My Story

Before releasing her autobiography last year, the former X-Factor judge warned that some people ‘should be scared’ by the book’s content. Cheryl didn’t disappoint, lifting the lid on her relationship with cheating ex-husband Ashley Cole and the time she punched a toilet attendant when Girls Aloud were just starting out. The tantalising threat seemed to work – My Story was the second highest selling autobiography of 2012!

Kimberley Walsh: A Whole Lot of History

Cheryl Cole isn’t the only Girls Aloud member to put pen to paper. Kimberley Walsh’s autobiography, published this year, finally confirmed rumours of a frosty feeling between Nadine Coyle and the other girls. Putting on a brave face at her book launch, Kimberley switched the sleek Puma trainers she sported as the face of the brand for a navy blue jumpsuit that showed off her trademark curves. With bestie Cheryl by her side you almost didn’t notice the rest of her bandmates were nowhere to be seen. Almost.

Sharon Osbourne: Unbreakable

Another X Factor dirt-dishing came in Sharon Osbourne’s third autobiography Unbreakable. Dannii Minogue is the target of Shazza’s wrath six years after they fell out while working together on the 2007 series. It might be old news in Dannii’s eyes, who has reportedly accused Sharon of bullying her, but readers still want to hear more.

David Beckham: My Side

In 2004, then-Manchester United star David Beckham published his autobiography My Side, telling all about the 2003 bust-up with manager Sir Alex Ferguson. After the team lost a crucial match Fergie famously kicked a football boot that hit Beckham on the eye. Becks was candid about his reaction, describing how he ‘lost control’ and had to be held back by his fellow team members. By appearing honest and remorseful he cemented his ‘national treasure’ status, and managed to sell a few books too.

Sir Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Nine years after Beckham’s book came out, Fergie’s autobiography gives his version of the pairs’ fiery relationship and is riddled with accusations of incompetence. His Beckham-bashing has been the main focus of media attention, thanks to claims that Becks missed the chance to become a top player because of his marriage to Victoria and desire to be a celebrity. Despite these comments, the former England star is sticking with the moral high ground, describing his old manager as ‘fantastic’ and a source of ‘huge strength’. Meanwhile, Roy Keane has accused Fergie of disloyalty, and Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has said he finds it sad that the controversial book may end up overshadowing Ferguson’s legacy as a football manager.

Salacious scandals and rocky revelations will always catch the public’s eye, and while Sir Alex may be retiring from football, he looks set to stay in the spotlight for a while yet.

Portrait of couple reveals more than they suspect about relationship

Disick is indeed a dick

Disick is indeed a dick

Subtitle: Kardashian pictured without her normal human disguise suit.

Net Zero

Jlaw Dior net zero

Jlaw Dior net zero

It must be confessed, and that by me, that I have not been following the Hunger Games: not read the books, not seen the movies. And yet I am somewhat surprised to see the delightful and talented Jennifer Lawrence here at the premiere of the sequel, wearing what appears to be an Esther Williams swimming costume sheathed in a cover-up made of designer screen door netting. Is there a part of this movie where she dives deep and does duel with fearsome Grindylows to win for the greater glory of Griffindor?

Okay, no, wait. Don’t tell me. I’m liking this. Once I can figure out how to work in an 80’s era Patrick Duffy, I’m good with this. Don’t burst my bubble!

Life! A Cabaret, It Is!


Yes, the life of an entertainment blogger is a glorious whirl of glamour! I think this one tweet sums it all up, right there.

In completely-unrelated news, we are ready to announce some winners!

The first person to correctly identify our Pre-Raphaelite Mystery Girl as Angela Lansbury was Emily M, who virtually wins this imaginary retro-yet-contemporary Mr. Heater MHGLLPG Base Camp Pro Series Indoor Propane Gaslight, Gray.

The winner of the Wednesday Caption Contest with Tilda Swinton is:

Tilda Swinton as a PreRaphaelite Surrealist object

Tilda Swinton as a PreRaphaelite Surrealist object

Renée Layberry November 7, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

“I feel pretty, oh, so pretty!”

To Renee we hypothetically present the virtual very pretty Hello Kitty silver hand mirror.

And for our previous Caption Contest featuring Katy Perry, the winnah is:

Katy Perry Killerqueen

Katy Perry Killerqueen

Mike Still September 28, 2013 at 4:07 am Edit #

The Madame Tussaud’s Gothic Audrey Hepburn exhibit is simply amazing …

To Mike we hypothetically present the virtual Barbie Collector Audrey Hepburn Sabrina Doll, with which we’re sure he’ll be delighted, if only because it’s one of the ones you can sell for a profit on eBay.

Celebrity Astronomy: Lunar Craters.

Kim Kardashian VPL

I Kant with Kim

Never mind the eclipse. Judging from the visible craters, it’s time that someone stepped up and told Kim that you just don’t wear panties with Spanx. VPL meets VSL and there’s no YSL about it, Balenciaga or not, quadrabutt will never be in. Someone break it to Kanye.

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