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Music made moving


What fresh Heck is this, y'all?

What fresh Heck is this, y’all?

Mistress Tongue and the Acoustic Mayhem made their appearance on MTV Unplugged, and sadly the same word applied to our ears. Fortunately we found the remote after a mere 90 seconds of this caterwauling travesty and didn’t have to endure the torture any longer.

Now, I may be old and crochety, but it seems to me that if you’re going to go back to the 90’s for inspiration like Unplugged, there are better ways to combine top contemporary performers with vintage cool.

This, for instance.

Starring my old friend Mike from Vancouver. And also:


Hump Day Hunks: Vin Diesel dancing in his undershirt

Vin is on the move

Vin is on the move

smoooove moves, Vin

smoooove moves, Vin

What’s not to love about everyone’s favorite gamer geek/unlikely action hero celebrating the fact that Riddick , his latest cinematic classic, is #1 in DVD sales.

As I’ve said elsewhere, how can you not love this guy? It’s like a cross between beefcake bodybuilding eye candy and a dancing chipmunk. If you want seven plus minutes of this fackery, here ya go. Don’t say I never did nuthin for ya.

Harry Styles Likes It, Who Else Does?

Back in September last year, news stories about One Direction member Harry Styles having lost a lot of money at a casino in Perth, Australia made the rounds. While the exact number of the lost money has not been published, it was high enough for the band to get a stern talking to from management. It doesn’t seem like Styles will give up gambling that easily. He even got a “17 Black” tattoo on his collar bone, known as James Bond’s lucky gambling number. knew the One Direction boys wouldn’t be the only celebrities to be seen in casinos so they decided to take a look at who else liked to gamblestyles-gambling

Hollywood giant Matt Damon thoroughly prepared himself for his 1998 film “Rounders”. The film is all about high-stake poker games and he wanted to be able to give the best performance possible. To that end he spent $25,000 on poker games to practice and refine his strategy. He hasn’t given up poker to this day and has been competing in numerous World Series over the years. He is often joined by his good friend and fellow Hollywood actor and director Ben Affleck. Other celebrities that can be found at the same poker table include Jean Robert Bellande and Tobey Maguire, who is said to have won about $10 million from live poker events and celebrity only tournaments.

George Clooney on the other hand is one of those celebrities who loves to gamble but is just not very good at it, at least not according to Matt Damon. Damon says that he has seen Clooney lose 25 hands of Blackjack in a row and Clooney admits that he is just not very lucky when it comes to cards. It didn’t stop him from playing though and he later on owed Matt Damon $600, which he paid him back the next day.

Casinos are by no means a man’s world. American actress Jennifer Tilly is known to be an excellent poker player. In 2005 she won the Women’s World Championship bracelet, an achievement which she describes as being “better than an Oscar”. She beat 600 other contestants and her boyfriend Phil Laak, who is a professional poker player, must have been very proud.

Friday Caption Contest: Jeremy Renner Tuxedo Edition

Jeremy Renner. Tux. What more do you need to know? Captions in the comments section as always. Don’t disappoint Jer and me, okay?

Jeremy Renner has a point

Jeremy Renner has a point

Dude looks like…another dude!

Steven Tyler's had a career change

Steven Tyler’s had a career change

We here at would like to congratulate showbiz legend Steven Tyler on his latest gig, playing stand up gigs along the Vegas strip in the character of now-fallen fashion icon John Galliano.

John Galliano defies you to finish that sentence

Hello. My Name is John Galliano. You keeled my career. Prepare to die!

Today’s Conundrum, from Sean Lennon

And, really, it’s a good goddam question.

That poor poodle looks frightened. What kind of action is going on there in the Action Zone???

The Golden Gifs

Did I watch the Golden Globes? Are you kidding, that’s what recappers are for! But I did do a roundup of the best Golden Globes themed GIFs (hard G, y’all) and pick out the biggest loser, fashion-wise, so you’re welcome.

If, like me, you missed the whole thing, watch this video that recaps it in ninety seconds flat. Like me.

Let’s start with respected theatre and motion picture actress Emma Thompson seen here demonstrating her classical RADA training in how to make an unforgettable entrance.

Also making a memorable entrance was Elisabeth Moss on the ManiCam (the ManiCam is a thing? Jesus, take the wheel).

Elisabeth Moss and the ManiCam

Elisabeth Moss and the ManiCam

The evening’s theme was “Negging,” flawlessly demonstrated here by my boy Bono.

Bono No Go

Bono No Go

Everybody’s least favorite heiress (after Paris Hilton) jumped on the negging trend; it will no doubt form the centerpiece of an episode of Girls in the near future.

Leah Don't Play That Way

Leah Don’t Play That Way

Other celebs to leap aboard the negging juggernaut included:

Tommy Lee Jones

Protip: he's really not into you

Protip: he’s really not into you

and the normally-sunny Julia Louis Dreyfuss

JLewDry and ReeWi

JLewDry and ReeWi

as well as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the hosts.

Emma Watson knows it's coming

Emma Watson knows it’s coming

It's Mean Girls Live!

It’s Mean Girls Live!

was it good for you too, Emma Watson?

was it good for you too, Emma Watson?

Satisfying. In fact, negging on Taylor was a sub-plot all night. That spirit is embodied here in Everyone’s New Favorite Spunky Blonde, Jennifer Lawrence.

Jlaw vs TaySwi

Jlaw vs TaySwi

Negging on JLaw’s couture Dior dress was a Thing as well, although it was not a GIF. Still, amusing and accurate.

We don't Love it and yes I know that's badminton not tennis. Shut up.

We don’t Love it and yes I know that’s badminton not tennis. Shut up.

The World’s Most Perfect Person negged her own shoes, and they were Louboutins, and went on to neg the entire process of awards-presentation, but of course she did it flawlessly!



Emma  is Telling You Things

Emma is Telling You Things

Emma  has her priorities straight

Emma has her priorities straight

Emma wants a refill

Emma wants a refill

And it all ended happily ever after.

Amy and Bono sitting in a tree

Amy and Bono sitting in a tree

Unless your name is Ali Hewson, of course.

Megan Fox’s Plastic Surgery Secret!

Megan Fox back when she was still a pup

Megan Fox back when she was still a pup

The unsuspected truth that she’s been covering up for years is…that she was actually born looking that way (apart from the nose, maybe the chin, and a face full of fillers). Who knew that Megan Fox was once recognizable as…Megan Fox? I’d-a lost a bet for sure.

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