All is revealed!

Ice ice baby

Here are the answers to Monday’s puzzle corner:
1. Eva Longoria (5 carat emerald-cut, 248-diamond white-gold ring designed by Jean Dousset, estimated cost $500K)
2. Katie Holmes (5 carat oval-shaped diamond set in platinum and rose gold)
3. Mariah Carey (17 carat emerald-cut, fancy light pink diamond (10 carat) surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds, flanked by two half-moon diamonds from Jacob & Co, cost $2.5 million)
4. Christina Aguilera (5 carat platinum ring set with a combination of brilliant & princess-cut diamonds from Stephen Webster, estimated cost $80K)
5. Catherine Zeta-Jones (10 carat marquise diamond from Fred Leighton, cost $1 million)
6. Heidi Klum (10 carat canary yellow oval diamond, estimated cost $150,000)
7. Jennifer Lopez (14.5 carat blue brilliant cut diamond with platinum band, estimated cost over $5 million)
8. Katherine Heigl (3 carat pear shaped diamond with pave diamonds, designed by Ryan Ryan)
9. Elizabeth Taylor (33.19 carat Krupp diamond, cost $305,000 in 1968, at the time the highest price paid at auction for a diamond ring)
10. Scarlett Johansson ( 3 carat round brilliant solitaire on an intertwined yellow gold band, estimated cost $30K)

Congratulations to Madam for an impressively sparkling 7 out of 10, followed closely by the always scintillating Jennie. Your encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity carats bedazzles us even from afar. For more famous bling than you can poke a pimp stick at, check out this slideshow from US Weekly.

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