All is revealed!

Just like an anime convention

Here are the answers to Monday’s puzzle corner:
1. Britney Spears
2. Avril Lavigne
3. Natalie Portman
4. Kelly Osbourne
5. Pink
6. Kelis
7. Duffy
8. Jamie Lee Curtis
9. Lily Allen
10. Rachel McAdams

Congratulations to KarmOn for being first past the post with a perfect score! We shower you with rainbows and unicorns and cupcakes as reward for your impressive knowledge of garishly coloured celebrity hairdos. And to round up the show, here are some more celebs who at one time decided to think pink.

Pink overload

One Response to “All is revealed!”

  1. Wondertrash August 3, 2009 at 5:05 pm #

    Erin Esurance mania!