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Harry Styles Likes It, Who Else Does?

Back in September last year, news stories about One Direction member Harry Styles having lost a lot of money at a casino in Perth, Australia made the rounds. While the exact number of the lost money has not been published, it was high enough for the band to get a stern talking to from management. It doesn’t seem like Styles will give up gambling that easily. He even got a “17 Black” tattoo on his collar bone, known as James Bond’s lucky gambling number. knew the One Direction boys wouldn’t be the only celebrities to be seen in casinos so they decided to take a look at who else liked to gamblestyles-gambling

Hollywood giant Matt Damon thoroughly prepared himself for his 1998 film “Rounders”. The film is all about high-stake poker games and he wanted to be able to give the best performance possible. To that end he spent $25,000 on poker games to practice and refine his strategy. He hasn’t given up poker to this day and has been competing in numerous World Series over the years. He is often joined by his good friend and fellow Hollywood actor and director Ben Affleck. Other celebrities that can be found at the same poker table include Jean Robert Bellande and Tobey Maguire, who is said to have won about $10 million from live poker events and celebrity only tournaments.

George Clooney on the other hand is one of those celebrities who loves to gamble but is just not very good at it, at least not according to Matt Damon. Damon says that he has seen Clooney lose 25 hands of Blackjack in a row and Clooney admits that he is just not very lucky when it comes to cards. It didn’t stop him from playing though and he later on owed Matt Damon $600, which he paid him back the next day.

Casinos are by no means a man’s world. American actress Jennifer Tilly is known to be an excellent poker player. In 2005 she won the Women’s World Championship bracelet, an achievement which she describes as being “better than an Oscar”. She beat 600 other contestants and her boyfriend Phil Laak, who is a professional poker player, must have been very proud.

Gambling Celebs

Jennifer Tilly, an a pile of her poker winnings.

Jennifer Tilly, an a pile of her poker winnings.

Many people enjoy keep tabs on the comings and goings of various celebrities. They often lead lives that we find interesting because they are much more glamorous than our own. However, sometimes the things celebrities enjoy doing really aren’t that different than the things we enjoy. For instance, casino gambling is one activity that seems to appeal to celebrities. It is entirely possibly when spending an evening out at the casino that you could spot a celebrity.

Poker is one particular casino game that many celebrities find appealing. Many celebrities are well known for their poker playing prowess. One of the most skilled is actor Ben Affleck. He is known to frequent poker rooms designed exclusively for high rollers. He also won the California State Poker Championship about a decade ago. Often celebrities will play poker to raise money for charity. One event is the Celebrity Poker Showdown which has featured actors like Matthew Perry. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton, has also been known to enjoy poker playing to raise money for charity. Actress Ashley Judd is also a familiar face in celebrity poker tournaments. This southern beauty can be spotted at casinos in various locations.

Other celebrities have been part of poker tournament. Actor, Brad Pitt, was once a player on the Grand Poker Series. He played remarkably well and finished in third place. Pitt was one of the stars of the Ocean’s 11 movie which featured casinos in it. His fellow stars also can be found enjoying gambling in the casino. George Clooney is well known as a skilled gambler. While Clooney is known to play various games, he has a preference for poker. Many celebrities find poker to be rather thrilling given the mental aspect that is part of the game, but you’re more likely to see them in a land-based casino as opposed to an online one like due to the glam

Alex Ferguson kisses and tells: the most explosive celebrity autobiographies!

Nothing gets people reading like a celebrity tell-all, and Sir Alex Ferguson’s My Autobiography is the latest ‘true tale’ to set tongues wagging. It reached the headlines before the shelves when it became the most pre-ordered book of all time, and that’s before the uproar over the content kicked off! While this is just the most recent in a long line of explosive autobiographies, it seems readers can’t get enough of a celebrity scandal.

Cheryl Cole: My Story

Before releasing her autobiography last year, the former X-Factor judge warned that some people ‘should be scared’ by the book’s content. Cheryl didn’t disappoint, lifting the lid on her relationship with cheating ex-husband Ashley Cole and the time she punched a toilet attendant when Girls Aloud were just starting out. The tantalising threat seemed to work – My Story was the second highest selling autobiography of 2012!

Kimberley Walsh: A Whole Lot of History

Cheryl Cole isn’t the only Girls Aloud member to put pen to paper. Kimberley Walsh’s autobiography, published this year, finally confirmed rumours of a frosty feeling between Nadine Coyle and the other girls. Putting on a brave face at her book launch, Kimberley switched the sleek Puma trainers she sported as the face of the brand for a navy blue jumpsuit that showed off her trademark curves. With bestie Cheryl by her side you almost didn’t notice the rest of her bandmates were nowhere to be seen. Almost.

Sharon Osbourne: Unbreakable

Another X Factor dirt-dishing came in Sharon Osbourne’s third autobiography Unbreakable. Dannii Minogue is the target of Shazza’s wrath six years after they fell out while working together on the 2007 series. It might be old news in Dannii’s eyes, who has reportedly accused Sharon of bullying her, but readers still want to hear more.

David Beckham: My Side

In 2004, then-Manchester United star David Beckham published his autobiography My Side, telling all about the 2003 bust-up with manager Sir Alex Ferguson. After the team lost a crucial match Fergie famously kicked a football boot that hit Beckham on the eye. Becks was candid about his reaction, describing how he ‘lost control’ and had to be held back by his fellow team members. By appearing honest and remorseful he cemented his ‘national treasure’ status, and managed to sell a few books too.

Sir Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Nine years after Beckham’s book came out, Fergie’s autobiography gives his version of the pairs’ fiery relationship and is riddled with accusations of incompetence. His Beckham-bashing has been the main focus of media attention, thanks to claims that Becks missed the chance to become a top player because of his marriage to Victoria and desire to be a celebrity. Despite these comments, the former England star is sticking with the moral high ground, describing his old manager as ‘fantastic’ and a source of ‘huge strength’. Meanwhile, Roy Keane has accused Fergie of disloyalty, and Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has said he finds it sad that the controversial book may end up overshadowing Ferguson’s legacy as a football manager.

Salacious scandals and rocky revelations will always catch the public’s eye, and while Sir Alex may be retiring from football, he looks set to stay in the spotlight for a while yet.

Goodbye Viva Forever, Hello Foxy Bingo Mom

It’s ironic that a musical entitled VIVA Forever won’t last forever. The show bid farewell a few weeks ago and it was attended by Emma Bunton a.k.a. Baby Spice and Melanie C a.k.a. Sporty Spice. The play was based on the career of famous UK-based girl group Spice Girls, which was a huge phenomenon back in the 1990s. It was directed by actress/comedienne Jennifer Saunders. Too bad, this musical didn’t last that long. Maybe the girl group already lost their spice.

Despite the short-lived stint of VIVA Forever, one of the Spice Girls continues to sizzle with her career and that is Emma Bunton. She was recently named as foxybingo’s “Celebrity Mom of the Year” and said that she felt honored to receive this award. Bunton got most of the votes in this annual poll followed by other foxy moms including Michelle Heaton, Claire Richards, Myleene Klass, and Holly Willoughby. This blonde bombshell must have felt like she won the jackpot at a bingo game after getting the award. Who would ever think that you can get an award out of playing bingo, right? I thought the only reward that you can get out of this game is money. Well, I won’t complain if I get both the award and money just like Emma Bunton, who we can probably call Lucky Spice now.

Luck seems to be on the side of this former Spice Girl member because she also recently signed a contract with ITV for the network’s new show called Your Face Sounds Familiar. So what is this show all about? If you say, “Don’t tell me this is another talent show?” then you guessed it right. Yes, talent shows are becoming a trend on television, but what makes this different than the others? On this show, celebrities will be asked to mimic different musicians each week; and Emma Bunton together with the other judges will give points for each performance. The winner will be the one who earns the highest points coming from both the judges and the viewers. Sound interesting, right? I can’t wait to see any of the contestants do Psy’s “Gangnam Style”; or better yet hear Emma Bunton sing the nursery rhyme “Bingo”.

Brando’s Iconic White T-Shirt

Marlon Barndo makes underwear cool.

When discussing powerfully iconic items of American clothing, three of the most important are associated directly with Marlon Brando: the leather motorcycle jacket, Levi blue jeans, and the white crew neck t-shirt.

It is this famous image above, from the movie A Streetcar Named Desire, of Brando in his t-shirt, that has seared this item of clothing into our collective national consciousness as the symbol of dangerous and forbidden sexuality. From that point forward, wearing t-shirts as outer wear became not just acceptable, but actually cool, and young men who courted the Brando-like image for themselves, copied the style, down to the surly look.

From that starting point, as we moved forward into the 1960s and 70s, the simple white crew neck t-shrt was customized with slogans and symbols, peace signs and smiley faces; still one of the markers of rebellious youth, although the stark white had morphed into the colors of the rainbow, and been tie-dyed almost beyond recognition.

And yet the expressive power of the simple white t-shirt remains, still as evocative as it has been since Brando first brought it out from beneath his shirt.