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Ayyyy! Pop quiz | Ayyyy!

Ayyyy! Pop quiz


Having spotted this disturbing phenomenon at the Ports 1961 LA store opening, we pose the question “Why does nobody expose their heads at indoor fashion events anymore?”:
(a) To conceal the need for a root touch-up
(b) To protect hair from the ever-present dangers of UV rays, falling pieces of plaster and head lice
(c) Head coverings are now handed out at the door instead of gift bags
(d) Adds to the mystery of why one was invited in the first place

One Response to “Ayyyy! Pop quiz”

  1. raincoaster April 11, 2008 at 8:54 pm #

    E) to make raincoaster very happy. I’ve been waiting for hats to come back.

    MEN can’t wear hats indoors, except cowboys at saloons and baseball players in the stadium. Women can wear them indoors or out, and it’s time we asserted this. I’m so, so tired of seeing Gwynnie’s roots.