Ayyyy! Pop quiz

I don't know how to sit down and shut up

Something big must be brewing at this basketball game.  What is Sean “Diddy” Combs kicking up an almighty fuss about?
(a) The Dalai Lama is here! Let’s be nice to him lest Sharon Stone say something stupid again!
(b) Avert your eyes everyone, it’s another Sex and the City spoiler!
(c) Hey, Eva Longoria! Love your hair, hate your movies!
(d) Woohoo! Bill Cosby’s sweaters are up for auction! Let me at them!

The 80s were a colourful time

One Response to “Ayyyy! Pop quiz”

  1. raincoaster May 31, 2008 at 12:27 am #

    It’s Eighties Week on the Intertubes. I’m telling you.