Mrs. Brown’s Bad Brazilian: Bring the Brain Bleach

How I love the interwebs. You could just be minding your own business, trawling the celebusphere for evidence of poor accessorizing amongst the Kardashian Klan when suddenly, you’re confronted with the world’s most compelling BEFORE picture: stark evidence that while our fascination with glamour may result in some remarkable transformations, that these do not come without pain or their share of ugliness.

On that note, let me present to you what has been described as “the funniest skit in tv history,” Mrs Brown’s Bikini Wax from RTÉ Television in Ireland.

Looks like a dead badger on flypaper.

One Response to “Mrs. Brown’s Bad Brazilian: Bring the Brain Bleach”

  1. max December 30, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    I do not think that is ever going to get old.