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Blake Lively, Vision of … Elegance? | Ayyyy!

Blake Lively, Vision of … Elegance?

45186, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Monday September 20, 2010. Blake Lively and Sam Page film an intimate kissing scene on the set of Gossip Girl in NYC. Page is seen wearing a tuxedo with Blake sporting an elegant silk gown and holding onto a clutch. Photograph: PacificCoastNews.com

So far into “Oh Honey, No” territory I don’t even know where to begin. Forget the Uggs (ugh); she’s filming and they’re only going to shoot from the waist up, so naturally she falls back on the comfortable footwear of choice for fashion-backward starlets who probably don’t wear pants when they’re doing closeups either. No, here I’d like to point out the dress: point at it and laugh like a murder of ravens, for it makes me think of nothing so much as this must be That Scene where she plays the Klondike Hooker with the Heart of Gold Who Time Travels to 1981 and Finally Makes Her Dreams Come True And Wins Gold in Ice Dancing With Robby Benson.

Yeah, Blake. Go win a gold medal “for Mom” and then you can properly wear Uggs.


Related: only people who can ride are allowed to wear cowboy hats. It’s true. It’s a Fact.

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One Response to “Blake Lively, Vision of … Elegance?”

  1. raincoaster September 22, 2010 at 5:58 am #

    Wait, wait! I figured it out! She’s dressed as Bob Mackie’s bride!