Blink Monday

Lucille Le Sueur? Celebrities’ real names revealed! (Dissfunktional)

Britney is pulling a Meg Ryan (NewsOfTheWorld)

Duelling bedhead: Javier Bardem vs Eli Roth (AgentBedhead)

Johnny Depp looks sweet in Sweeney Todd (GothMagazineBlog)

Marilyn Manson starts his holiday shopping early, gets sued (HolyMoly)

Boy George’s morning-after look. Morning after arrest for being kinky and felonious, that is (TheBlemish)

Pete Doherty’s bus is as dry as Utah, perhaps as full of powder (WOWReport)

news flash: Scarlett Johanssen says Woody Allen likes looking at boobs (WendyWayrad)

Now hear this! Lindsay Lohan has her period (Lohanfan)

Dennis Rodman may not be 100% gentleman (FemaleFirst)

Obama sez: “I inhaled!” (CNNPoliticalticker)

Paris is back, biotches! And looking like a Florida retiree (TheMeatScale)

Tyra’s sex life ruined by “problem hair” (HolyCandy)

Shia Laboeuf on Shia Laboeuf (ImNotObsessed)

Quiet Riot goes quiet once and for all (CelebritySmack)

Battle of the Saints: Julia Roberts vs Angelina Jolie (CeleBitchy)

Black, whack, and back: The Jackson 5 are going on tour! (Idolator)

Is Disney “Enchanted” by the F-bomb? (Defamer)

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