Bruce Willis, absent-minded parent

Ply Bruce Willis with enough drinks and he’ll soon let slip some deep and dark family secrets:

Bruce Willis screamed: “I have abandoned my son” in a trendy New York bar during a night out, it was claimed today. Onlookers said the Die Hard star – partying with an “exotic” girlfriend – turned heads with the outburst, a line from the Daniel Day-Lewis starring and Oscar-winning movie There Will Be Blood. An onlooker told a US newspaper: “Bruce was very merry and all of a sudden shouted at the top of his lungs, ‘I’ve abandoned my son!’ four times in a row.“It definitely made the room stop and stare.”

Bruce, 52, who has three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore, then chatted up a couple by the bar and did shots with the bartender before leaving Manhattan hotspot Freeman’s on Monday night, it was reported.

Ah old age, the things it makes you forget – that strong-jawed Rumer is actually of the female persuasion and that salty grey convicts are generally not big fans of the law enforcement authorities.

I applaud the quality of your alcoholic beverages!

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