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Can’t take my eyes off you

This is too much for one man to handle

Now now Mr Pacino, no need to act so obvious about it.  Just go over there and introduce yourself and politely ask to check if those things are really bigger than your head.

Should I have worn my pushup bra?

In between the feasting

I have nothing in my day plannerI have nothing in my day planner

At this point, I have trouble distinguishing between Al Pacino and one of Adam Sandler’s myriad movie disguises (this time, maybe as a simple-minded but lovable vagrant who defeats some evil rich folk and gets the streetwalker of his dreams in the end).  But I guess if you’ve just been to a highly enjoyable chili cook-off and are faced with the dilemma of trying to kill time until the next one, you might as well do it in your comfy clothes.