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Angelina Jolie | Ayyyy! - Part 4
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From one leading lady to another


Hey you there, move along now! Stop blocking the main attraction with your tawdry sideshow displays! Seriously, it’s enough to make my head explode.

Throb throb

Easy Chocolate Ovaltine Links

Because some days you’ve just got to take it easy.

Celebrity Dad Faceoff: Lawrence Olivier vs Tyrone Power (TeenyManolo)

Arrested Development movie released on bail (AgentBedhead)

Jayden James is no hillbilly, y’all! (CeleBitchy)

Big Brother is watching… (CelebritySmack)

McDreamy flies his 70’s colours (PopSugar)

Barbara Walters announces her interview Wish List (DailyStab)

Most Fascinating of 2008? (MollyGood)

Dear Holiday Season… (IBBB)

PuppycamMania continues (BusyBeeBlogger)

Angelina must have lost a nanny (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Jennifer Lopez’s secret Brangelina rivalry (ImNotObsessed)

It’s a transgendered vagina, not a clown car (CandyKirby)

Billy Ray Cyrus has second thoughts about stage parenting (Defamer)

and tells his daughter to get high (Websters)

Neverland is Michael Jacksons Nevermore (E!Online)

Triple Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino Links

Suri Cruise’s eyesight restored (Websters)

Nicolette Sheridan’s makeup artist is the hardest-working spackler in showbiz (Yeeeeah)

Miley Cyrus moves her old man in (CeleBitchy)

It is the Year of the Eye of the Tiger (SeriouslyOMG)

Jennifer Hudson’s family murdered (YoungBlackAndFabulous)

The astrology of the financial meltdown, from a site that has just folded (Radar)

St. Angelina returns from the pilgrimage to Afghanistan (PopSugar)

Carrie Bradshaw has a lot to answer for (Mollygood)

Dear Abby had better watch her back (IBBB)

If you think Keith’s Stones tour stories are bad, wait till you hear Ronnie’s (GoldenFiddle)

Kate Bosworth wears Snufalupagus fur! (GoFugYourself)

B is for Bitch, Please! (DListed)

Looks like Ringo Starr has had some work done (CandyKirby)

Will Ferrell and Tina Fey do President Bush and Sarah Palin (DailyStab)

Celebrity Rehab, recapped (Defamer)

Peaches Geldof likes ’em ugly (AgentBedhead)

Imaginary people for voting rights! (CelebritySmack)

Wheatgrass Smoothie Links

Say “nuclear!” (Lolebrity)

Sarkozy. Mme Sarkozy (AgentBedhead)

RIP Mr Blackwell (CelebritySmack)

Angelina Jolie ready to be the “cool” mom. In other news, Pangea ready to disburse. (DailyStab)

The United Kingdom’s greatest natural wonders (CandyKirby)

Paris Hilton is serious about this social climbing thing (CeleBitchy)

Gillian Anderson had her baby (DListed)

The world’s most beautiful woman (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Making the perfect Celebrity announcement (Defamer)

Beverly Hills Bailout (Gawker)

Beverly Hills Cthulhu (raincoaster)

Mr Blackwell’s Worst Dressed List of Eternity (Gawker)

Zac Efron is legal everywhere! (GabbyBabble)

David Banda just can’t win! (MollyGood)

The latest in Jessica Simpson overshares (Websters)

Espresso con Panna and Hazelnut Biscotti Links

Katie Holmes, blogger! (CelebrityDirt)

Kid Rock is the Schlitz! (CelebuWreck)

No, seriously. David Letterman for President! (GabbyBabble)

Martha Stewart, size queen! (Lolebrity)

Amy Winehouse makes Guinness Book for largest dry cleaning bill (AgentBedhead)

Who’s a bad boy? Patrick Dempsey is! (CelebritySmack)

James Bond gagged! (MikeyMars)

Shack up chez Britney! (HolyMoly)

Captain Jack is back! (DailyStab)

Dog and Bride of Dog: deep-fried beauty, fake and bake fabulous! (CandyKirby)

Clay Aiken’s track record of heterosity! (FourFour)

Ed McMahon, rapper! (Crunk&Disorderly)

Carrot Top is a natural beauty! (IBBB)

Who is Rosh Hashanah? (Defamer)

Orlando Bloom in leather! (JustJared)

Metaphor gets literal on the strangest night of political television in history! (SeriouslyOMG)

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People premieres! (UKPopSugar)

Angelina Jolie is a doll! (ImNotObsessed)

David Blaine blames everything except the Large Hadron Collider for his failure (Mollygood)

Double Americano and Herb Brownie Links

What are you looking at me like that for? I’m just talking about a couple of simple folk recipes.

But soft…what light through yonder window breaks? David Lynch is the East, and David Duchovny is the Sun… (AgentBedhead)

Meg Ryan does not understand why she still has a job (CelebritySmack)

Eva Mendes wants to Manifest Destiny (DailyStab)

It’s crocs, fool. You’ve totally got it coming (CandyKirby)

Dollywood to Hollywood (Defamer)

Dita von Teese somehow sheds her inhibitions (BusyBeeBlogger)

Angelina Jolie’s nose knows she was different when she was 16 (SeriouslyOMG)

Lindsay threw some punches (IBBB)

Delayed Gratification: George Takei married his longtime partner on Sunday (GabbyBabble)

Dear Shannen Doherty, bitch… (CelebuWreck)

Miley Cyrus models church attire for the 21st Century (DListed)

Um, what happened to Ann Hathaway’s hips? (EvilBeet)

Does Islam hate SirSaint Paul McCartney? (CeleBitchy)

McCain says women are sexist (Mollygood)

B*stardly Links

Amy Winehouse: Da j*g is up! (Lolebrity)

Who’s a B*stard now? (AgentBedhead)

*shley Tisdale already has more money than you’ll ever see (TheBastardly)

Oh, Roseanne, don’t ever ch*nge (CelebritySmack)

Making fun of add*cts: the music video (IBBB)

Danny Bonaduce is a bad*ss (Websters)

Amy Winehouse beh*ves Winehousingly (SeriouslyOMG)

Kate Hudson goes back to y*nking Owen Wilson’s chain (POTP)

Vinnie Jones is not such a tough b*stard (HolyMoly)

John Mayer, living proof that kiss and tell is better than f*ck and publish (CandyKirby)

Lindsay Lohan’s ex, living proof of s*me (CelebWarship)

The J*nna J*meson collection for baby (GalleryOfTheAbsurd)

Celebrity Cr*p Channel (ItsCandyTV)

Kate M*ss in May/December relationship (DailyStab)

T*ra does not care about black people! Or white people either! (CeleBitchy)

Pr*de in Product Placement (Defamer)

Matthew McConaughey is a b*g fan of Matthew McConaughey (JustJared)

P*ris has cooties! (CelebuWreck)

Rielle Lisa Jo “Allison” Dr*ck Hunter, actress (Gawker)

Link Shack!

Steve Jobs: caption different! (Lolebrity)

Megan Fox, the Sarah Bernhardt of our time? (AgentBedhead)

Having sex with Brad Pitt not good enough for Angelina Jolie (CelebWarship)

OMG photos of the Chosen Cereal and the Chosen Couch! (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Are we entirely sure Christian Bale and Britney Spears are not related? (CeleBitchy)

Britney Spears is a shape-shifter (CityRag)

Bindi’s birthday bittersweet (DerekHail)

The most perfect sperm donor in the world speaks out (CelebritySmack)

Angie told: Eat a sammich, biotch! (DailyStab)

Amy Winehouse has a new gig, puts on some weight (DListed)

Heather Mills is not God (JustJared)

Alanis Morissette commits a cardinal sin (ImNotObsessed)

Is NOTHING blasphemous anymore? (Mollygood)

Sienna Miller needs advice from Jude Law, Jeremy Piven (CandyKirby)

X-rated? Or D-listed? (GoFugYourself)

RonLo/SamSay: they’re in, they’re out, they’re on, they’re off (Radar)

The Jonas Brothers: Good boys gone bad? (Websters)

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