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Angelina Jolie | Ayyyy! - Part 5
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Link Tuesday

Miley Cyrus and her long-lost twin (Lolebrity)

Peter Coyote takes on George Clooney (AgentBedhead)

The John McCain terrorist fist bump (WOW)

10 sexiest humans alive (Pajiba)

Christian Bale arrested for Oedipal assault (Websters)

RIP Estelle Getty (CelebritySmack)

Cindy and Greg Brady do lunch, charity work (SeriouslyOMG)

A man, his wife, and their surgeon (Radar)

Kate Moss is off the market again (UKPopsugar)

Hollywood’s rich list (PerezHilton)

John Edwards triangle trapeziod (NationalEnquirer)

Shia Laboeuf on the run (JustJared)

From the Department of Bad Ideas: Wino to work with addicts (Mollygood)

Jennifer Aniston really shouldn’t be commenting on newspaper sites (ImNotObsessed)

Play the Britney Spears White Trash game (IBBB)

Natalie Portman in Bollywood Blockbuster! (CandyKirby)

A cougar can’t change her spots (GoFugYourself)

Big surprise: Miley Cyrus to film nude scenes (DailyStab)

The Mad Socialite of YouTube is evicted (CelebritySmack)

Top Five Valley Girls (Defamer)

Picture This Links

Blaaaaake, Incarcerated for two more years (CelebritySmack)

The Pope finds your lack of faith disturbing (Lolebrity)

Patrick Swayze is immortal! (DListed)

Courtney Love is such a joker! (AgentBedhead)

No, really, she is (Gawker)

We need to set her up with these guys (CandyKirby)

Jessica Simpson is just like you, haters! (DailyStab)

The Chosen Twins spotted! (BauerGriffin)

Heidi Montag shipped to Iraq (JustJared)

Catastrophe on the set of “&” (Defamer)

Someone airlift Claudia Schiffer out of there before it’s too late (GoFugYourself)

If you turn your wife into you, is that self-abuse? (GabbyBabble)

Sean Connery thinks, strangely enough, that his grown son should get a job (CeleBitchy)

Dance like nobody’s watching…because if you’re Dina Lohan, it’s true! (IBBB)

Lindsay Lohan is a sellout (Websters)

Blogger donates kidney, liveblogs it (Mollygood)

Gwyneth’s so British she has a double-decker stroller (PopSugar)

Janet Jackson’s nipple not worth a half-million dollars (SeriouslyOMG)

Gore Vidal will have none of your nonfiction-worship, heathens! (Radar)

Katie Holmes goes shopping for an American Girl (WizbangPop)



Newborn Links!

A star is born: Katie Holmes stars in The Scream (Lolebrity)

What should we name the new Mini-McConaughey? (TeenyManolo)

Hope reborn for Kate and Pete (AgentBedhead)

The newborn reality stars of Big Brother (CelebritySmack)

Pete Doherty robs the cradle, Sting after him with a shotgun (POTP)

Child star rocks the pirate-themed bustier (Websters)

Best boobs new or used? (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

BevHills Chihuahua: a revolution is born (EvilBeet)

New parents Halle Berry and Almost-Mister Halle Berry have a night of freedom (DailyStab)

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham shop for baby stuff (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Why Sunday for a baby born Monday? The Kidman-Urban theories (CeleBitchy)

Prince Harry doing children’s charity work in Lesotho (People)

Usher and Baby Usher win the Photoshop Challenge (DListed)

Erykah Badu: baby on board? (Crunk&Disorderly)

Baby clothes make a comeback (GoFugYourself)

Sherri Shepherd saying something dim about kids and moms (GabbyBabble)

The Bindi Irwin doll not as conflicted as those neurotic Barbie&Skipper types (IBBB)

Angelina still hasn’t popped (JustJared)

Ashlee Simpson’s maternity wardrobe an improvement (Mollygood)

Gwyneth Paltrow supports the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (PopSugar)

Post-Canada Day Links

Harry Potter and the crack pipe of doom? (Defamer)

Amy Winehouse is grounded! (DListed)

Mary-Kate sips around (PopSugar)

Can you give David Beckham a hand? (AgentBedhead)

Tatum O’Neil experiences the cruel and relentless beatdown of Rich White People’s Justice (CeleBitchy)

Pete Wentz is Out (CelebritySmack)

Celebrity sideboob (CityRag)

Angelina Jolie is normal (DailyStab)

Cynthia Nixon looking rather fiercer than usual (EvilBeet)

Get into Dita von Teese’s lingerie (BusyBeeBlogger)

Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen to collaborate, end up killing each other (CelebWarship)

Michael Lohan: the shallow end of the gene pool speaks! (ImNotObsessed)

Is Naomi Watts pregnant again? (Us)

Every Leftie’s dream: torturing Christopher Hitchens (Gawker)

Rush Limbaugh will never go hungry (Mollygood)

Zac Efron is so hardcore (JustJared)

“Link” is a metaphor!

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds act out the Canada/US relationship (lolebrity)

The Hogans are the Oedipus and Elektra of the B-List (CelebuWreck)

Tom Cruise’s lawyer invokes Godwin’s Law on Dr. Drew (SeriouslyOMG)

Amy Winehouse is dealing crack (CelebrityDirt)

“Tila Tequila is a political power broker” isn’t a metaphor, it’s a stretch (AgentBedhead)

Beyonce is a work of art (CelebritySmack)

Jimmy Buffet is a natural (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Ashlee Simpson is showing (HollywoodBackwash)

Angelina Jolie is a pig! (DailyStab)

Ned Flanders at the beach! (DListed)

Marcia, crossed (ImNotObsessed)

Milk of human kindness curdles after a certain age (CandyKirby)

I know who killed my career (CeleBitchy)

Amy Winehouse is a size queen (NowMagazine)

Brad’s boxes in box-office boxing match (ASL)

Dita von Teese hosts Ebony and Ivory party (UKPopSugar)

Hostile Mid-Week Links

Kiefer Sutherland, engaged(?) is eager to demonstrate his kwyut diggnitty (lolebrity)

Katherine Heigl bites the hand that feeds (Defamer)

Obama’s firing! Obama’s hiring! (Gawker)

Blaaaaaaaake Incaaaaaaaaarcerated takes out a hit on Pete Doherty (AgentBedhead)

Daniel Craig gives Quantum of Solace the finger, or part of it (SeriouslyOMG)

Why do insects hate America? (CandyKirby)

George Clooney hates fake boobs (CelebritySmack)

Mark Wahlberg and everyone in England hates David Beckham (POTP)

Michael Madsen’s wife beat him up (Mollygood)

Cameron Diaz pitches a fit over a tee (CeleBitchy)

Jolie vs Aniston, coming soon to a theatre near you (DListed)

Alanis Morissette will make you weep for her, dammit! (Websters)

Cat vs Cake Box (CityRag)

Catalogue of the Damned (IBBB)

Clare Danes distains the paparazzi (ImNotObsessed)

Kate Hudson’s son is hatefully handsy (DailyStab)

Lindsay Lohan in Pains (DanasDirt)

Cheeta has been Cheeted! (PerezHilton)

Chris Martin vs Brad Pitt (JustJared)

Spring Linkquinox

Dear Elisabeth Hasselbeck (WhatWouldJaneAustenDo)

Rachel Ray: whut she say? (Lolebrity)

Pete Doherty attempts to go anonymous on YouTube, fails, buys bad art of exes (AgentBedhead)

Lily Allen seeing pink elephants! (CelebritySmack)

Lily Allen a little green this morning, red in the face (SeriouslyOMG)

Queen Latifah is not taking Jenny Craig’s calls (IBBB)

Prince William in uniform (ASL)

Prince Harry in a dinner jacket (DListed)

Sienna Miller dumps Rhys 2.0 over phone, not over Rhys 1.0 as reported (CeleBitchy)

Guess the celebrity feet (People)

Drew Barrymore gets a tongue piercing and a new piece of arm candy (PopSugar)

Dr Who commits incest! (CrazyDaysAndNights)

Jessica Alba will never drown (Websters)

Angelina will give birth naturally (ImNotObsessed)

Myspace Mischa (DailyStab)

Nick Hogan’s crib (CandyKirby)

Dick Cheney gives West Virginia to the Democrats (GabbyBabble)

Smells like…Avril Lavigne? (JustJared)

Tyra = God? (FourFour)

Gary Hart: only career dead (Radar)

Dawn Links

RIP YSL (TeenyManolo)

Angelina and Brad: all ur babeez (Lolebrity)

MTV Awards liveblogging (Defamer)

Heart-Shaped box? Kurt Cobain’s ashes stolen (NewsOfTheWorld)

More Death of Gen-X news: Donnie Darko sequel coming (AgentBedhead)

Win Radiohead! (POTP)

Tomkat’s Thetan-exorcism/housewarming party (OK)

Steven Tyler is a surprisingly good actor, if you buy this (CelebritySmack)

Chris Rock rocks (Websters)

Manhattanhenge (CityRag)

20 hottest young royals. Hair apparently optional for Heir Apparent (Bumpshack)

The Clay Aiken pregnancy story debunked (IBBB)

Sarah Jessica Parker’s gown gets around (Gawker)

Real people duke it out over which of them is the real imaginary person (PageSix)

Amy Winehouse doing exactly as well as expected after drive-through rehab (CeleBitchy)

Victoria Beckham has some trouble at the Marc Jacobs fitting (TheRadReport)

Rainn Wilson gets fashion tips from Ayyyy (JustJared)

Pete Wentz rocks the manpris as his wife bails on concert tour (DailyStab)

Jessica Simpson still dragging Tony Romo around (ImNotObsessed)

Warrant out for Christina Aguilera (CandyKirby)

Tatum O’Neal back on crack (Mollygood)

Universal Studios on fire, and we don’t mean their movies! (PerezHilton)

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