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Well, look at yoouuu!

Did we get both ends of the short straw?

As a studio exec, you know you’ve done well when neither lead actress looks particularly impressed with the other’s choice of red carpet outfit. What an ingenious way of avoiding the usual catfight over who gets to wear what!

Quadruple Espresso, Double Jack Daniels Links

Let’s just say it’s been one of those days. Actually, it’s been two of those da- make that “one of those weeks.” And it’s still only Thursday morning!

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Neat Links

It was a dark and stormy night, and all the crew were gathered in the cabin. The captain turned to the first mate and said, “Pass the Laphroaig, please.”

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Maple Latte Links

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Porno Links

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Look on the bright side

What the hell do I do now?

No need to fret Anne Hathaway, your hair and makeup are impeccably done as usual and all the fellas agree that your legs look great too.  In fact I quite like what you’ve got on….if it came in a size for storing jewelry or makeup brushes.

Pumpkin Beer and Oysterburger Links

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Earl Grey and Lemon Curd Tarts Links

nb: No disrespect to the lemon curd is meant. I’m sure it’s just really, really friendly.

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Metallica hates music downloaders, loves trophy wives (AgentBedhead)

No, Megan Fox, that’s not why people think you’re trashy (DailyStab)

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