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Hump Day Hunk: Viggo Mortensen

That's not hot sauce, ladies

That's not hot sauce, ladies

His protestations to the contrary, we have conclusive proof that Viggo Mortensen is a Red Wings fan.

And that’s just too gross to explain, even for me.

Wash your mind’s eye out with a Muff Diver shooter (no hands, please!) and a few gossip links:

Zachary Quinto has a message for young people (Lolebrity)

Who won the fashion wars? (Ayyyy)

The St Valentine’s Day Massacre/Roundup (raincoaster)

The most perfect food in the world, in 926 words (ManoloFood)

Charlie Sheen pulls an Edith Piaf (AgentBedhead)

You know, I’d pay good money to watch her in the UFC ring (BusyBeeBlogger)

Tila Tequila has gone Amish on us (CelebDirtyLaundry)

In fairness, I’d snub Avril Lavigne too (CelebritySmack)

Wait till Shia LaBeouf hears about this! (CelebVIPLounge)

I don’t blame him: EVERYONE hates Daleks (CityRag)

Your straight boyfriend will care about this story (DailyStab)

Jessica Simpson is as spontaneous as a NASA rocket launch (Earsucker)

Anne Hathaway wears support hose! (FitFabCeleb)

Celebrity fashion week (GirlsTalkinSmack)

Gosh, Emma Watson, lay off the ‘roids! (GossipTeen)

Lance Armstrong has had more comebacks than Cher (HaveUHeard)

A bunch of Yanks at the Brit Awards, why? (INeedMyFix)

Britney’s leaking! (PoorBritney)

Courtney Love perfects the “Dexedrine-addicted, glamorous auntie” look (PopBytes)

Who invited HER? (TheSkinny)

Courtney Loves Pixie Links Milan Fashion Week Womenswear A/W 2010

Courtney Love, Chickenhawk.

Mark Twain sings the Greatest Hits of the 70’s (Lolebrity)

Gangsta! (MaterialBitch)

Oscar Campaign Violations (Movieline)

Courtney Love sics the FBI on Ed Norton (PerezHilton)

Nazis for Jordan! (UKPopSugar)

Suicide a felony? (PopBytes)

Beaver shot (SeriouslyOMG)

St. Angelina bails out (ASL)

Tyler Durden’s Rules (CopyBlogger)

Keith Urban is an icehole (Manolo)

Canucks Amok! (Gawker)

The Crazies come out at Midnight (TenGossip)

Rapper quarantined! (WOWReport)

Crazy young drunk girl vs crazy old meth mom (LitelySalted)

Tiger Woods drained (JustJared)

Suri ditches the ‘rents (IBBB)

Lady Gaga attacks! (INeedMyFix)

Prada axes models (HollywoodBackwash)

This is what DIVORCE is for, people (EvilBeet)

Avril Lavigne crosses the line (DListed)

Kelly Ripa’s biker cred (DailyStab)

The Mischamobile got towed (Celebslam)

Pete Doherty’s babysitter sentenced (AgentBedhead)

The White House Party Crashers claim their first scalp (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Blog hijacked! (CelebritySmack)

Kirstie Alley, frontman (CeleBitchy)

Did someone steal Daniel Boone’s hat? (HolyCandy)

Hugh Jackman gets cut! (BusyBeeBlogger)

Levi Johnson’s court order (AmyGrindhouse)

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Hump Day Links: Hugh Jackman

Although he may be a little childish…

Hugh Jackman gets in touch with his inner child while spending the day at the park with wife Deborra and daughter Ava

there’s really no question that Hugh Jackman is well-adjusted.

Hugh Jackman takes a second to adjust himself while walking to the park with his wife Deborra and daughter Ava

Paris Hilton’s truth in advertising (Lolebrity)

Michael Jackson, still dead (AgentBedhead)

Celine Dion shooting blanks (AmyGrindhouse)

Shakira: wigger, PLEASE! (HolyMoly)

Eat, Pray, Love, Get A Really Bad Bathtub Bleach Job (BusyBeeBlogger)

Emanuel Ungaro calls Lindsay Lohan “Destroyer of souls” (CeleBitchy)

Marlee Matlin tells world to STFU, get a life (HollywoodInsider)

I’m the Gossip Queen of the Universe!!! (CelebritySmack)

Yet more Robert Pattinson pix (TenGossip)

Emma Watson is, like, totally a commie pinko satanist (CelebJihad)

Kathy Griffin and the Fresh Prince: is this what you call the Dream Team? (SeriouslyOMG)

And the Nightmare Team: Brandon Davis and Avril Lavigne (PopBytes)

Smells like…Has-been! (LitelySalted)

Lilo is cutting (AllieIsWired)

Levi gets out of his Levis for Playgirl (TheAwl)

Kate Moss is a furry (UKPopSugar)

Why is NOBODY talking about Wino’s new freckles? (ICYDK)

Find SamRo a new girlfriend (CityRag)

oh wait, someone already found her one (Gawker)

Behold the moose knuckle of Robert Downey Jr (DailyStab)

Kristin Stewart lets a 4-year-old dress her (INO)

Carrie Prejean to put her video experience to good use (GabbyBabble)

The country music a-wars (EvilBeet)

Who’s the wind beneath Rihanna’s buffalo wings? (JustJared)

Francomania! (Movieline)

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Suri has a muneez (Lolebrity)

Richard Simmons is a man’s man (Websters)

Guyliner goes mainstream (AgentBedhead)

Eyeliner works wonders (DailyStab)

Lance Armstrong comes out…of relationship (CelebritySmack)

Janice Dickinson, hot tranny mess (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Tranny or Trash: YOU decide! (CandyKirby)

Britney’s new friend is hung like a horse (IBBB)

New Trannie Barbies: Xtina and Eva (ImNotObsessed)

Ashley Tisdale trawls for tuna (JustJared)

Paris Hilton, cobbler to the creme de la creme of drag performers (Mollygood)

So then, what does Tony Romo get if he wins MVP? (PopSugar)

NIN, straight up (PinkIsTheNewBlog)

America’s Got Confusion: there are professional Ozzy Osbourne impersonators? (Defamer)

Morrissey invades Israel (Gawker)

____er ____ed for ****ing in ___ (Radar)

Flannel-shirted Miley Cyrus will NOT kiss a girl! (CeleBitchy)

Tom Cruise no longer a mama’s boy? (InTouch)

Amy Winehouse is a vampire (DListed)

Cross-Dressing Links

Dere’s nuttin lyke a Dame Helen Mirren in a bikini (Lolebrity)

Her Majesty’s only suitable consort: James Bond (Websters)

Aubrey O’Day: when drag queens go bad (JustJared)

Jordan: when drag queens get it right (GoFugYourself)

Justin Timberlake gets a makeover (Defamer)

In unrelated news, Amy Winehouse has gained weight (Towleroad)

Finally, Ben Affleck understands what all those high school health classes were about (ImNotObsessed)

The private hell of the professional autographer (Radar)

Kate Hudson goes the distance to whack some balls (PopSugar)

Emmy nominations; Katherine Heigl surprisingly absent (SeriouslyOMG)

The Goot is a lover AND a fighter (Mollygood)

Breast Dressed: the Estrogen Gladiator (CandyKirby)

The Peroxide Twins do lunch (IBBB)

HBO tells Seth Rogen that Canadians don’t deserve entourages (HollywoodBackwash)

Pete Doherty is wanted? (GabbyBabble)

Claire Danes is the Skeleton in Red (EvilBeet)

Katie Holmes commits the ultimate fashion crime (DListed)

Heidi Klum’s body not perfect enough for insurance company (DailyStab)

Amy Winehouse spotted in a bathroom stall (CelebritySmack)

Chav Pride! (AgentBedhead)

Dress your children in Avril Lavigne (CeleBitchy)


Rolling Stone drives stake into Britney Spears with unholy hackiography (Defamer)

Britney’s only Goth from the waist down (DailyStab)

Pete Doherty seeks new life as Smackbob Nopants (Gawker)

or maybe the Easter Bunny? (AgentBedhead)

Top 10 reasons to miss Anna Nicole Smith (Jezebel)

Lindsay Lohan goes dark (CelebritySmack)

Amy Winehouse will bring the funk, may bring the crack to the Grammies (TMZ)

We traded the UK Snoop Dogg for Amy (HolyMoly)

Eva Mendez more Disco than Goth, in rehab for coke (LARagMag)

Scott Weiland, Velvet Revolver front man, back in treatment (GenosWorld)

ScarJo and PeCru go pansexual for ex-sexagenarian Woody Allen (Gabsmash)

Goths Celebs of the Day: Demi and Ashton wear all-black to his 30th birthday party (HolyCandy)

Kill me now: Cher and Tom Cruise were lovers? (Dlisted)

Top 5 celebrity Goth chicks (Hi-5)

The Last Supper of Trent Reznor (LolNIN)

Another reason to drink as if you need one (WorkoutMommy)

Mystery man in black (ImNotObsessed)

Brittany Snow joins the Trenchcoat Mafia (DerekHail)

Lost Boy still lost, still blood-sucking (PerezHilton)

Dita von Teese as the Girl Next Door (SkunksBlog)

Kat von D will never tattoo another agent as long as she lives! (Mollygood)

Kirsten “Vampire Chronicles” Dunst vanishes (Celebitchy)

Madonna is immortal. Because plastic can’t die (TheMeatScale)

Sorry, no Angelina Jolie or Avril Lavigne stories today. Haven’t you heard? They’re not Goth.

Angelina Jolie, Goth No More!

Avril Lavigne, hardcore Goth eh?


So, what WAS Britney on last night? (Defamer)

She’s on downers and solitude now. Countdown to Goth comeback album… (CelebritySmack)

Starbucks stock drops after Spears lockup (PerezHilton)

David Lynch hates your iPhone (Gawker)

Gerard Butler, closet karaoke cowboy (AgentBedhead)

Heather Mills stars in A Return to Homelessness (CeleBitchy)

Lindsay Lohan puckers up like a sugarplum fairy-hag (DailyStab)

Paris Hilton gives Kelly Osborne her first (Dlisted)

Matthew, Fox (sorry, “Matthew Fox”) spills Lost spoilers! (JustJared)

Potted celebrities (Cityrag)

Leave Chris Crocker alone! (EvilBeet)

Lydia Hearst as Pebbles Flintstone, porn star (GoFugYourself)

Jennifer Aniston baby bump watch barren (HolyCandy)

Avril Lavigne responds to a good Dom (ImNotObsessed)

Woman slashes Leonardo DiCaprio with a broken bottle, flees to Canuckistan (Mollygood)

Time after time…and this one’s after its best-before date (Websters)

I Don’t Link Mondays

Stalker Resource: your celebrity address book! (dissfunktional)

Happy Birthday, Britney! Hope someone gave you new extensions (PerezHilton)

Paris Hilton gets matching lips (TheMeatScale)

JLoHew’s butt speaks out! (Popsugar)

Eddie Murphy does his daughter a favor (CelebritySmack)

Who wore it best: Ariel or Beyonce? (HolyCandy)

Is this the worst celebrity tattoo in Hollywood? (HolyMoly)

Cindy Crawford still perfect, married to perfect man (SplashNewsOnline)

Paris Hilton in flotation device stranglehold! (Mollygood)

Eva Green will cut you, look fabulous doing it (DListed)

Christina Aguilera’s cookie craving (ImNotObsessed)

Jay Leno coughs up for staff, still falls short (EW)

Avril Lavigne is in my hood! Should be wearing one in this weather! (DailyStab)

Jennifer Lopez debuts the BIG bump at Movies Rock 2007 (JustJared)

Tom Cruise puts the muscle on a big bear (CelebrityBabyScoop)

A picture is worth a thousand words…particularly this one of Tomkat (SeriouslyOMG)

What are celebrities for? Amy Winehouse lives out our nightmares (HollywoodBackwash)

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