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Ayyyy! Puzzle corner

This week we conjure up an air of suspense with theme of Hitchcock’s Leading Ladies.  Take a look at the pictures below and identify the intriguing beauties and movies which kept the audience riveted to their screen.

Answers will be put up on Wednesday morning.  In the meantime I will be hiding a mysterious past beneath my icy blonde veneer.

Chills and thrills

Peg Bundy: Beyond The Thunderdome

Dear Xtina,

Remember how Monday I looked at your Web of Thighs dress and initially confused you with songstress and piano-squirmer extraordinaire Tori Amos, with the implied joke that La Amos, eccentric though she may be, wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something so horrible?

Y Kant Tori Dress?

I take it back.

All is revealed!

Sisters are drinking it for themselves!

Here are the answers to Monday’s puzzle corner:
1. Karen Walker (Will & Grace)
2. Bree van de Kamp Hodge (Desperate Housewives)
3. Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)
4. Patsy Stone (Absolutely Fabulous)
5. Meredith Palmer (The Office)
6. Maryann Thorp (Cybill)
7. Calamity Jane (Deadwood)
8. Sue Ellen Ewing (Dallas)
9. Claire Meade (Ugly Betty)
10. Kirsten Cohen (The OC)

Congratulations to Jennie for a terrific 7 out of 10! We hoot rather raucously and down several shots in quick succession, in acknowledgment of your rare talents.  We must also make mention of the Liquor Snob, the blog of all things alcoholic, which we found on our internet travels.  And finally, how about clinking your glasses together and showing a little appreciation for the drunkest tv lady of them all, Ms Paula Abdul.

Lush lush I wanna see ya get free with me

Ayyyy! Puzzle corner

This week’s Puzzle corner is for those of you who enjoy a drink or two or twenty, whether it’s to unwind at the end of the day or to start the morning right. Yes sirree, raise your glasses to the hard drinking women of TV! Take a look below and figure out who these boozy broads are.

Answers will be put up on Wednesday morning. In the meantime I will be passed out in the middle of a flower bed, waiting for the sprinklers to serve as a soggy wake-up call.

I ish feeling fine!

Ayyyy! Puzzle corner

This week’s challenge takes a decidedly personal twist with the theme of “Spirit Fingers’ Vacation Wishlist”.  Your task is to investigate the pictures below (click for a larger version) and not only identify the movie in question but also the place I would most like to visit.

Answers will be put up on Wednesday morning.  In the meantime I will be coping with post-holiday depression by planning imaginary itineraries in my head.

Bon voyage

Ayyyy! Puzzle corner

This week we say “pshaw!” to random 3-minute celebrity hookups and focus on famous couples who have lasted the distance.  Put on your commitment rings and see if you can identify the longtime celebrity pairs below (and by long time I mean many years, not just many weeks).

Answers will be put up on Wednesday morning.  In the meantime I will be refusing all offers of quickie marriages and demanding a suitably drawn out courtship period.

Love you long time

All is revealed!

Winner is me!

Here are the answers to Monday’s puzzle corner:
1. Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby)
2. Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush)
3. Michelle Trachtenberg (Ice Princess)
4. Parminder Nagra (Bend it like Beckham)
5. Rosie O’Donnell (A League of Their Own)
6. Kirsten Dunst (Wimbledon)
7. Maggie Q (Balls of Fury)
8. Elizabeth Taylor (National Velvet)
9. Missy Peregrym (Stick It)
10. Christine Taylor (Dodgeball)

Congratulations to jess for setting a blistering pace early on and obliterating the opposition with a perfect score!  We place you on a very high pedestal and bestow you with a milk-chocolate gold medal for your glorious win.  As your true reward you have earned an entry into the Malibu triathlon where you get to run behind Jennifer Lopez, carrying her sports drinks, Egyptian cotton towels and bejewelled nipple tweaker. 

Jogging hurts my nails!

Ayyyy! Puzzle corner

As we enter the second week of the Olympics and say goodbye to those hot swimmer bodies, it is still safe to say that the sporting spirit remains alive and well at Ayyyy! Hence this week’s theme of Sportswomen in the Movies.  Take a gander at the selection of sports movies below and identify the athletic actresses in question.

Answers will be put up on Wednesday morning.  In the meantime I will be putting myself through a rigorous training montage to transform my puny self into a mighty East German she-hulk.

Fit and fiercely competitive

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