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Facial Hair Watch 2008 Now With Jazz Hands

Let’s be clear. I would still hit it. Oh yes I would. Every day of the week and –depending on how long church ran and if I had a headache from helping the priests finish the Communion wine– twice on Sundays.

Jeremy Irons

That being said, Jeremy Irons who has admittedly been hot longer than I’ve been alive, was not looking his best at The 62nd Annual Tony awards on Sunday what with the Harry Potter specs and the facial foliage. I don’t trust mustaches. Facial hair is something about which one must be ever vigilant, lest a simple soup strainer turn into something far more sinister.

Would you buy ice cream from this man?

Describe This Man in Three Words

and two of them CAN‘T be “Power Top.”

John Travolta…apparently even queenier than previously expected

Then and now

From soap star to porn star

Above: Grant Show, former resident stud of Melrose Place
Below: Jack Davenport, ex-Commodore of the HMS Dauntless, seeker of the Dead Man’s Chest and Admiral of the East India Trading Company

What a difference a misplaced clump of hair makes! Let’s hope their new show does sufficiently well in the ratings to justify a hairpiece budget.  Some things are best left behind on the set when the cameras stop rolling, don’t you think?

From buccaneer to bird nester

Choose depilation over deforestation

Conservation International and Harrison Ford have banded together to deliver a compelling public message – if you want Harrison Ford to stop inflicting excruciating pain on himself, then please consider saving the rainforests

Harrison Ford pulled a Steve Carell for a public service announcement: He gets his chest waxed. The 65-year-old star winces in apparent pain as a strip of hair is yanked from between his pecs for a PSA for Conservation International to raise awareness about the effect of deforestation on global warming.

The actor, who doesn’t typically appear in such TV spots, sits on the board of directors of the Washington-based environmental organization.

Conservation International CEO Peter Seligmann said Ford was game to do the 30-second spot, and approved of the waxing concept.

“I didn’t have to talk him into anything,” Seligmann said at a news conference Tuesday in Manhattan. “I was there when he filmed it. It really hurt. There’s nothing about the expression on his face that was fake.”

The classic scene from 2005’s “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” — in which Carell screams out “Kelly Clarkson!” during his chest hair removal — was intentionally hilarious. Ford’s message, however, is serious: “Every bit of rain forest that gets ripped out over there, really hurts us over here.”

It’s a clever idea but given the enormity of the problem, let’s up the ante and really give people something to remember shall we? I’m thinking a bucket of hot wax and Andy Garcia’s lush manjungle ought to do the trick.

Teeming with wildlife

That’s what friends are for

Quick, cover me, the photographers are here!

Sometimes there’s no knowing what will happen when you ask your overpriced hairstylist for “a trim and some layers”. That’s when someone as understanding as Mary J Blige comes in handy – she’ll provide a comforting shoulder for you to cry on and better still, hide your mangled mane in.  See what a difference having a good friend makes!

I should have let Jaden cut it instead!


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Fun Fearless Males


John Krasinski: Hey. It’s…you. That comedian guy…D…D…something.


John Krasomething: Yeah, that’s great. I look cute tonight. I’m fun! and Fearless, apparently.


John….SMITH:  Mmm. I need a haircut though, don’t you think I need a haircut? I sort of feel like my hair should be in a John Hughes movie, mocking Molly Ringwald and doing blow off Demi Moore’s thighs.


John Smith: Fantastic. Really. I mean it.

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