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Congratulations to Cate!

Cate Blanchett debuts her air baby bump

Cate Blanchett debuts her air baby bump

Congratulations to actress, icon, and mother Cate Blanchett, who recently debuted her air baby bump in this stunning Balenciaga two-piece. We didn’t even know she was a Scientologist!

In all seriousness, this is both lovely and insane, so it’s perfect for her.

BCBG in Balenciaga in Bruges

Celebs at Balenciaga Fashion Show in Paris

This is not actually Bruges, this is Paris, and the arrival of Clemence Poesie at the Balenciaga show. I know nobody here knows who she is, but she was awesome in the terrific, tragicomic Colin Farrell film In Bruges and should be thought of as the Euro Claire Danes, only without the homewrecking part. And as these pictures show, she’s mastered the “innocent schoolgirl” look, at a cost of no more than, say, $15,000 or so. I may be twice her age, but I’d like to think for that price I could look like an innocent French schoolgirl, too.

PS: I’m stealing the hat! That’s why in most of the shots from that day she’s holding it on tightly; I’m just out of frame, with one of those ACME pincers-on-tongs contraptions I use when out stealing hats from celebrities.

Remember Ivana Trump? She once said, “I don’t intend to look a day over thirty, but it’s going to cost The Donald a lot of money!” Let’s see how she succeeded at that:

Photo by: KGC-16/ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2/10/10 Ivana Trump on holiday. (

So, on the one hand: Honey, No. On the other hand, Respect; she really hasn’t changed a bit!

Ivana Trump in Spy

1987. Yes, 1987.

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