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Golden girls

Professional v amateur

And that, dear readers is the precise difference between made-to-measure and one-size-fits-all.  

PS Rather fitting isn’t it that this should happen to Vanessa Hudgens around the 1 year anniversary of her photographic shenanigans, as if to serve as a reminder that it may have briefly retired from public view but it never really went away.

Fashion Rocks: Six of the worst

Fashion sucks

How very shiny and futuristic! The fashion of the future is already here, which means that the fashion of today is..somewhere else? Does this not make you want to cryogenically freeze yourself until such time when things improve, probably in the next millennium?

Fashion mocks

Hot Tub and Planter’s Punch links

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Then and now

Loreal, because jaundice is worth it

Gosh, I haven’t seen so much bleaching since a certain fallen Prince of Pop decided to opt out of looking human. What next L’oreal, shall we digitally whittle her nose down until it’s so thin and pointy it could cut glass?

Links of the Dark Side

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Solange Knowles, victim of great treachery

Thorn between the roses

Happy Birthday Solange Knowles! You’re certainly looking…radiant.  What’s that you say? Your mother and sister picked out your birthday outfit? In that specific colour? Ah, the shoes as well! They also did your hair and nails, you say? And even made sure not to outshine you by wearing drab ill-fitting clothes? I see.  Have you thought about running away and joining a pack of hyenas?  They would make much more trustworthy family members you know.

Link in the Pink

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Reader question: Hair extensions

Q: I really want to get hair extensions so I can shake my luscious locks in tandem with my booty like a Solid Gold dancer. But being totally unresourceful, I’ve no idea where to start. How can I avoid getting ripped off?

A: Yes, you must tread wisely – although mangled hair may grow back again, your self-confidence may never recover from an unfortunate weave.  A poor quality hairpiece is not only bad in color, but also in texture and movement.  It will dangle awkwardly from your scalp like a tacky novelty from a rearview mirror, only to fall down drunk on the floor when everyone is looking.  Most likely it will end up going home with a random stranger, leaving you to pick up the pieces, or strands even, of your shattered dreams. 

Loose hair

By contrast, superbly crafted extensions are full of vibrant energy. They shine, they spring, they bounce, oh they practically defy gravity in their very zest for life.  No matter how fast or how hard you move, they will never leave you. And when you make it into the top 10 of Forbes’ list of Most Powerful Celebrities, you will know that you would never have gotten that far with just an ordinary piece of hair.

Bride of Jay-Z

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