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First Eggnog Links of the Year

If you ask me, eggnog is the perfect breakfast food. You’ve got your eggs, your protein, your dairy, your fat, your… nog. And it’s even better with a shot of something in it, whether that be espresso or rum or all of the above, which reminds me of the time a woman at Starbucks asked me to make her a “tall, non-fat, non-dairy, no-egg eggnog latte.” To which I sensibly replied, “I’m sorry, we don’t have those, because God didn’t mean for them to exist.”

Not long after that I was given the opportunity to embark on a glamorous and rewarding career as a blogger!

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Bruce Willis, absent-minded parent

Ply Bruce Willis with enough drinks and he’ll soon let slip some deep and dark family secrets:

Bruce Willis screamed: “I have abandoned my son” in a trendy New York bar during a night out, it was claimed today. Onlookers said the Die Hard star – partying with an “exotic” girlfriend – turned heads with the outburst, a line from the Daniel Day-Lewis starring and Oscar-winning movie There Will Be Blood. An onlooker told a US newspaper: “Bruce was very merry and all of a sudden shouted at the top of his lungs, ‘I’ve abandoned my son!’ four times in a row.“It definitely made the room stop and stare.”

Bruce, 52, who has three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore, then chatted up a couple by the bar and did shots with the bartender before leaving Manhattan hotspot Freeman’s on Monday night, it was reported.

Ah old age, the things it makes you forget – that strong-jawed Rumer is actually of the female persuasion and that salty grey convicts are generally not big fans of the law enforcement authorities.

I applaud the quality of your alcoholic beverages!

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Manolo says, this is technically what is knows as the hams sandwich.