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Celine Dion | Ayyyy! - Part 2
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Hump Day Links: These Colors Don’t Clash Edition

Snow Boarding

Shaun White ignores, to his credit, traditional advice for pattern on pattern.

Sven Kramer pwns NBC (raincoaster)

Padma’s pads (Lolebrity)

Suicide Girls Must Die (AgentBedhead)

Mel B. is 1/2 the wacko Britney was (AmyGrindhouse)

Colin Firth insufficiently gay for Tom Ford (BusyBeeBlogger)

Johnny Weir is too sexy for Vangroover (CeleBitchy)

Ali Lohan -> Dita von Teese? (CelebDirtyLaundry)

The Return of Cinnabun (CelebritySmack)

When Cougars Attack, starring Demi Moore and Susan Sarandon (CityRag)

Ewan McGregor is Out (DailyStab)

Flying Tomato drops bomb (Gawker)

The Return of Harriet Carter Wednesday (IBBB)

Kate Moss coulda been a neurosurgeon (INeedMyFix)

Do you want fries with that? (GoFugYourself)

Celine’s overshare will go on (Lainey)

Britney’s sour Candies (DListed)

We’re on a boat! (JustJared)

They’ve Lost the plot (Movieline)

The tears of a Canuck (PerezHilton)

Whatchootalkinbout Gary Coleman (SeriouslyOMG)

Twihardgasm! (TenGossip)

Justin Timberlake wants you to put a sock in it (ASL)

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Hump Day Links: Hugh Jackman

Although he may be a little childish…

Hugh Jackman gets in touch with his inner child while spending the day at the park with wife Deborra and daughter Ava

there’s really no question that Hugh Jackman is well-adjusted.

Hugh Jackman takes a second to adjust himself while walking to the park with his wife Deborra and daughter Ava

Paris Hilton’s truth in advertising (Lolebrity)

Michael Jackson, still dead (AgentBedhead)

Celine Dion shooting blanks (AmyGrindhouse)

Shakira: wigger, PLEASE! (HolyMoly)

Eat, Pray, Love, Get A Really Bad Bathtub Bleach Job (BusyBeeBlogger)

Emanuel Ungaro calls Lindsay Lohan “Destroyer of souls” (CeleBitchy)

Marlee Matlin tells world to STFU, get a life (HollywoodInsider)

I’m the Gossip Queen of the Universe!!! (CelebritySmack)

Yet more Robert Pattinson pix (TenGossip)

Emma Watson is, like, totally a commie pinko satanist (CelebJihad)

Kathy Griffin and the Fresh Prince: is this what you call the Dream Team? (SeriouslyOMG)

And the Nightmare Team: Brandon Davis and Avril Lavigne (PopBytes)

Smells like…Has-been! (LitelySalted)

Lilo is cutting (AllieIsWired)

Levi gets out of his Levis for Playgirl (TheAwl)

Kate Moss is a furry (UKPopSugar)

Why is NOBODY talking about Wino’s new freckles? (ICYDK)

Find SamRo a new girlfriend (CityRag)

oh wait, someone already found her one (Gawker)

Behold the moose knuckle of Robert Downey Jr (DailyStab)

Kristin Stewart lets a 4-year-old dress her (INO)

Carrie Prejean to put her video experience to good use (GabbyBabble)

The country music a-wars (EvilBeet)

Who’s the wind beneath Rihanna’s buffalo wings? (JustJared)

Francomania! (Movieline)

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Thoughts of a celebrity spawn

Let’s leave the kid with them and run away

Maybe if I stand still long enough, they’ll think I’m a random wax figure and leave me here. 
Mama’s too busy with her world tour and Papa’s become fixated with dressing up like his wax twin anyway.
Nobody will notice.
Nobody ever notices.
If they did, I wouldn’t have so many split ends to deal with, would I now?

Linkly Roundup

Heath Ledger leaves Matilda out of his will (Defamer)

Tilda Swinton hates Harry Potter (Gawker)

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson (Derober)

Leonard Cohen is a beautiful loser (AgentBedhead)

1 Clooney, 2 girls, and 1 cup (Celebitchy)

A letter to the mad bomber of Times Square (IBBB)

Anne Heche to scare the horses (GabbyBabble)

Crazy Britney Spears has the craziest stalker. It’s kind of perfect (Yeeeeah)

Big Gay Al is free! Star Jones prepares to coug at a singles bar near you (Cityrag)

Celine Dion is Cousin Itt! (CelebritySmack)

Governor Spitzer refuses to privatize his sex life, shares it with downtrodden call girls (Dlisted)

Pierrot clown claims someone was stealing Kurt Cobain’s money (CircusHour)

America’s Next Top Models are America’s Current Slobbiest Tenants (CelebWarship)

Angelina’s baby bump is in mourning (JustJared)

Cocktail waitress gives up job to marry George Clooney (IDLYITW)

Matthew McConaughey wants to name his son after beer (HollywoodRag)

Jamie-Lynn’s baby bump is bountiful (US)

Lindsay Lohan’s next gig? (TeenyManolo)

Top seven Suri Cruise Conspiracy Theories (BritboyLA)

Britney’s about to meet my mother (TMZ)

Natalie Portman wants to give it away (Jezebel)

Joe Francis is about to skip bail (PerezHilton)

If at first you don’t succeed, you marry Tom Cruise (Mollygood)

Should wives of scandalous men stand by them? (CitizenSugar)

Cindy Crawford notches another kill (HollywoodTuna NSFW!)

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