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Hell on Wheels

Ah, the Eighties. When Women were Women and Men were… Village People?

Flash back to that golden decade of convoys, cowboys, and craziness with that timeless goddess, Cher. This is technically from 1979, but let’s face it, this is as Eighties as it gets.

Rollerblades are so 20th Century; the new newness is, once again, Roller skates. They have the added advantage of weighing half a ton, so you get an even better workout than blading!

Who Wore It Better: Cher or Jennifer Lopez

This isn’t exactly fair because, well, it’s Cher, but I think JLo has enough self-esteem to consider it a close race.

Sonny and Cher, circa 1966:

Sonny and Cher knew how to rock the bobcat vest

Sonny and Cher knew how to rock the bobcat vest

And Jennifer Lopez, shopping on New Year’s Eve, 2010:

Jennifer Lopez is on the prowl! And dressed as Maude, the Mother of All Cougars

Jennifer Lopez is on the prowl! And dressed as Maude, the Mother of All Cougars

Ho, Ho, Ho

No, I cannot get enough of that joke. Only four more days left for Wenceslausian wordplay, though, so make the most of it! Here we do so with a little help from our old friends Elton John, Diana Ross, Cher, and the mid-70’s.

Paging the three wise men: David Geffen, Bernie Taupin, and Berry Gordy

Paging the three wise men: David Geffen, Bernie Taupin, and Berry Gordy

Footnote to Fashion:

Gay Apparel Consider It Donned

Gay Apparel Consider It Donned. All OVAH that, sister!

Also: this is a real book:

Don we now...doesn't he look like a "Don?"

Forget Cher’s Nipples, It is the Ayyyyy!

Manolo says, everyone is talking about the nippleciousness of the 64-year-old-juvenile Cher…but what is really disturbing the Manolo is the right eye, which has begun to creep up towards the hairline…

The Wonky Eye of Cher

Ayyyy! With the next face lift, Cher will be able to to see what is behind her!

And now, below the jump, if you are not squeamish, you may see the full picture about which everyone is talking, in which Cher bares her nipples for the not exactly delighted British press.


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I really should invest the time in finding a site or two with good nonalcoholic drinks recipes if I’m going to keep up this clean living thing, shouldn’t I?

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Once you’ve made the decision to stop aging naturally, you can really get a lot more wear out of those spangly see-through bodysuits.

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Not that I would know anything about that.

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