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Friday G&T Links

Britney Spears has dim inisht car pass city (Lolebrity)

The first Triple Crown win in thirty years? (TheAspiringHorseplayer)

Lindsay Lohan has more lives than a house full of cats (AgentBedhead)

Vin Diesel is a daddy! (DailyStab)

Evander Holyfield nearly loses ear, may lose house as well (CelebritySmack)

KFed will not be bought! Cheaply! (ImNotObsessed)

Click here and watch your ovaries expload: Prince Harry holding a baby! (DListed)

Celebrity Dad Faceoff: Viggo Mortensen vs Jon Bon Jovi (TeenyManolo)

Willy Nelson is a nut; Jessica Simpson is a speed demon (Defamer)

Lynda Carter reports finding a dead woman in the Potomac (CeleBitchy)

Christina Aguilera misuses the American flag (Yeeeeah)

Jennifer Lopez defects to Moscow, twins nowhere in sight (PopSugar)

Kate Beckinsale is uni-talented (Websters)

They grow up so fast…when their mother is Kate Beckinsale, that is (Mollygood)

Jude Law will have none of your “match the shoes to the outfit” Naziism! (JustJared)

“Do ya feel lucky, Spike Lee? Well, do ya?” (CandyKirby)

Billionaire Nerd is secret sex, drug fiend (PerezHilton)

The first rule of Metallica is, you don’t talk about Metallica (Idolator)

Dawn Links

RIP YSL (TeenyManolo)

Angelina and Brad: all ur babeez (Lolebrity)

MTV Awards liveblogging (Defamer)

Heart-Shaped box? Kurt Cobain’s ashes stolen (NewsOfTheWorld)

More Death of Gen-X news: Donnie Darko sequel coming (AgentBedhead)

Win Radiohead! (POTP)

Tomkat’s Thetan-exorcism/housewarming party (OK)

Steven Tyler is a surprisingly good actor, if you buy this (CelebritySmack)

Chris Rock rocks (Websters)

Manhattanhenge (CityRag)

20 hottest young royals. Hair apparently optional for Heir Apparent (Bumpshack)

The Clay Aiken pregnancy story debunked (IBBB)

Sarah Jessica Parker’s gown gets around (Gawker)

Real people duke it out over which of them is the real imaginary person (PageSix)

Amy Winehouse doing exactly as well as expected after drive-through rehab (CeleBitchy)

Victoria Beckham has some trouble at the Marc Jacobs fitting (TheRadReport)

Rainn Wilson gets fashion tips from Ayyyy (JustJared)

Pete Wentz rocks the manpris as his wife bails on concert tour (DailyStab)

Jessica Simpson still dragging Tony Romo around (ImNotObsessed)

Warrant out for Christina Aguilera (CandyKirby)

Tatum O’Neal back on crack (Mollygood)

Universal Studios on fire, and we don’t mean their movies! (PerezHilton)

Thursday Lynx

The Celebrity Bare-Baby-Bump-Belly Club (Defamer)

Madonna steelz frum Liza (Lolebrity)

Kate Moss adjusts her high beams (AgentBedhead)

Former singer Aguilera discusses her greatest assets (GabbyBabble)

Demon-haunted Amy Winehouse needs some exorcise (FemaleFirst)

Naomi Campbell, serial cellphone assaulter, dates up: a con artist (UKPopsugar)

Do they have an alibi for when Harrison Ford’s camera was stolen? (DailyStab)

Shania and the Other Woman (CelebritySmack)

Kim Kardashian, dissected (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

The first rule of shopping for TomKat is, you don’t talk about shopping for TomKat…or you get a C&D (CeleBitchy)

Angelina plans to tip the nurses well: $20 million for birthing expenses (Life&Style)

Do you doubt I am rich? (raincoaster)

Keanu romance is a Wino-no (OK)

Newest Teletubbie discovered outside London pub (ImNotObsessed)

Natalie Portman would look good wearing used Kleenex, and here’s the proof (CandyKirby)

Josh Groban is into bears (SeriouslyOMG)

The Return of FedEx! (POTP)

Jennifer Aniston’s wedding pix (IBBB)

Sharon Stone proudly flies the cougar flag (DListed)

Simon Cowell apologizes. Yes, you read that right (BittenAndBound)

That’s hot! Paris Hilton as an Old (EvilBeet)

Britney’s big Vegas comeback possiblymaybe? (ShowbizSpy)

Nick Hogan not enjoying incarceration as much as he thought (Mollygood)

Link Day Celebration to Honour the Glorious Contribution of Comrade Bloggers Across the Memeosphere

John Mayer commemorates this day with historic haircut (CelebrityDirt)

Christina Aguilera is overcome at the emotional celebration (CandyKirby)

Asbestos is the opiate of the people…the people who go on Scientology cruises (AgentBedhead)

Madonna and Justin Timberlake entertain the masses (DailyStab)

Let them eat brioche, say Angie and Brad (ImNotObsessed)

Brazilian shoemaker poses with accessibly-priced, responsibly-manufactured footwear (DerekHail)

Britney Spears blew $61 million dollars in one year and you earn no interest on your tax refund (CeleBitchy)

Gadfly of the establishment the DC Madam dies under mysterious circumstances (Jezebel)

The Man keeps the People down yet again (DListed)

Comrade Ricky Martin launches human rights hotline (ICYDK)

Performers reenact the effect of Capitalism on the Worker. Also: hawt (CelebSlam)

People Magazine now the official newsletter of Doublethink (Websters)

The Opiate of the People just got the cover of Time (Mollygood)

SATC collective maintains party line (PopSugar)

Rehab a rehab: do I smell a new Vegas-themed commune? (Defamer)

At least someone was on hand to sound the death knell for protest marches: Million DJ March (Gawker)

Control of the means of production means Stella McCartney will keep you in pretty, lucite chains (GabbyBabble)

The overlords stick together even on AI (CelebritySmack)

Tuesday and the Linking is Easy

Pete’s in the pokey (AgentBedhead)

Amy Winehouse is a wigger (Yeeeeah)

Wigger, please. Benji Madden’s blackface birthday (ImNotObsessed)

Top Ten most hated people on the internet (Radar)

Stars in their eyes, parole in their futures: top 25 child stars (Defamer)

Nobody puts Swayze in the corner (CeleBitchy)

Tom Cruise’s Village People connection (HollywoodOffender)

Naomi Campbell is black, beautiful, bitchy, and banned (TheBlemish)

Bai Ling is Grand Fug Champion, 2008 (GoFugYourself)

War of the Worlds 2 starring John Travolta and not at all insane Tom Cruise (CelebritySmack)

Christina Aguilera’s peeled pool party profanity (GenosWorld)

Jessica Simpson finds her dream man (Websters)

The inexorable return of Corey Haim (SeriouslyOMG)

90210 2.0 (CircusHour)

I Ken Lee: a YouTube superstar is born (TheManolo)

Brian Atene: a YouTube superstar returns (YouTube)

Kate Beckinsale’s Kiefer Sutherland fantasy (DailyStab)

David Beckham has been a bad, bad boy (JustJared)


Jessica Alba discovers esoteric French cuisine: the ham and cheese sandwich (Dlisted)

RIP Gary Gygax (TeenyManolo)

JLo and Marc Anthony are so over doing it (DailyStab)

Liev Schrieber is a sexy supervillain (Derober)

Rosie O’Donnell: a portrait of the artist as a pile of junk food (AgentBedhead)

Nicole beats Xtina in the Mommystakes (CelebritySmack)

Jessica Alba is turning into JLo: Oh No! (IBBB)

Paris Hilton’s Buddhist holy man is unholy sham (GoneHollywood)

Vanessa Hudgens gets her drink, arrest on (BackseatCuddler)

Madonna and Demi Moore’s Oscar party candids (Defamer)

20 stupidest faces of Patrick Swayze, and that’s some tough competition (BWE)

Jeremy Piven parties with geeks (Gawker)

Famous writers as children (SomethingAwful)

The Project Runway guide to New York (Gridskipper)

Celebrities without necks (Celebitchy)

Pete Doherty … nah, I can’t say THAT! (Celebwarship)

Mac Guy sez Charlie’s Angel smells heavenly (ImNotObsessed)

There IS no tomorrow for Paula Abdul (ICYDK)

Mary-Kate Olsen’s face approaching Joan Rivers territory (Cityrag)

KFed is fat. Word. The word is “Fat.” (Yeeeeah)

Jamie Lee Curtis is not afraid of Jason, not afraid of Freddy Krueger, and she’s sure as HELL not afraid of a little constipation (GlitteratiGossip)

From the mouths of celebrities

Christina Aguilera on the dangers of bouncy castles:

“We were jumping on one at a party, but someone landed on my neck and really hurt me.”

Unfortunately for that person, they had also hoped to land on something soft and bouncy.

Enough milk for a third world country

The First Annual Gary Busey Day Link Roundup

Gary Busey attacks children, including Britney (ImBringingBloggingBack)

Jay-Z is accursed, in bed with slave traders (Gawker)

The Real Housewives of New York is unreal! (Jezebel)

It’s called the casting crouch nowadays (Defamer)

Could YOU be Jamie-Lynn Spears’s babydaddy? (Celebitchy)

Christina Aguilera’s boobs are one veiny, lopsided mess (ImNotObsessed)

Ali Lohan wants to be just like her big sister. Only without the mug shots and dry spells (JustJared)

Amy Winehouse has Estee Lauder running scared, yew betcha (Dlisted)

The blogosphere takes a scalp (DeusExMalcontent)

Secrets of Celebrity Swag (Forbes)

The twins have landed (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Owen Wilson to spend another Night at the Museum, six months at my place (MTVMoviesBlog)

Owen Wilson apparently looking up his old dealer (AllHeadlineNews)

Britney went cold turkey for four hours today (Mollygood)

If Jessica McClintock passed out on a Monet… (GoFugYourself)

Tom Cruise is the most popular freak in the circus (CircusHour)

A man who dresses like Perez Hilton should NOT be hating on the Anna Piaggi (PerezHilton)

Keira Knightly is soulless, miserable about it. So are we, actually (AgentBedhead)

Mischa Barton charged on four counts (EvilBeet)

Valerie Bertinelli has a damn good excuse: she was wasted! (CelebritySmack)

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