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Link in the Sunlight

The Vampire Lestat will return! (PerezHilton)

Diablo Cody and the Case of the Missing Million Dollar Shoes (Defamer)

Christina Aguilera is down and out and firing everyone in sight (Gawker)

Julie Newmar does NOT go commando (Jezebel)

Vanessa Paradis is Superwoman (AgentBedhead)

Christie Brinkley is terrified of cosmetic surgery (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

The infamous Spaghetti Incident (CelebritySmack)

Daniel Radcliffe’s Halle Berry Oscars moment (Dlisted)

Ruper Grint, meanwhile, picks up Lily Allen (HolyMoly)

Amy Winehouse just needs to know the love of a good lotion (EvilBeet)

Brad Renfro’s memory was not invited to the Oscars (Mollygood)

Bourne is back! (ICYDK)

Cher, or Drag Cher? (Cityrag)

Jennifer Aniston puts her eggs on ice? (ASocialitesLife)

KFed’s time is money: your money (Jossip)

Anderson Cooper blogs on the Lawrence King hate crime (JustJared)

Whoopie Goldberg’s Oscar snub (Celebitchy)

Prince is old. DAMN. (Bossip)

Joan Van Ark not technically dead, but Professor Van Helsing is on standby (Gabsmash)

Gary Busey explains himself (TheBlemish)

Madonna is free! (DailyStab)

Round three hundred and eighty-two goes to Jen (CircusHour)

A shopping guide for Oscar party jewel thieves (ImNotObsessed)

Somebody’s fucking Josh Brolin (Websters)

Marion Cotillard wears Cthulhu Couture to the Oscars (GoFugYourself)

Link Rapidly

Liveblogging the Oscars (Defamer)

Jimmy Kimmel is fucking Ben Affleck (Gawker)

Britney taken away by the men in white coats (TMZ)

Christina Aguilera has baby rage (Hollyscoop)

Eli Roth is a bedhead beyond belief (AgentBedhead)

Lindsay Lohan had too many double waters on the rocks (CelebritySmack)

Katie Holmes was delusional as a child (ImNotObsessed)

Directions to the Playboy Mansion (Derober)

Lessons from the Oscars (CircusHour)

Enough with the Oscars: who won the Razzies? (HolyMoly)

Worst idea for a musical ev-ar (SeriouslyOMGWTF)

Gary Busey’s attempted red carpet rape of Jennifer Garner thwarted by Ryan “Macho” Seacrest (ASocialitesLife)

Pot calls kettle black (PerezHilton)

Diablo Cody won’t wear your stupid million dollar shoes! (Mollygood)

The Jolie-Pitt baby bump debuted to massive acclaim (Websters)

Falling Slowly for the song of the year (EvilBeet)

Kimora Lee Simmons’ death by a thousand quotes (Celebitchy)

Ben Affleck is so macho (Dlisted)

Hugh Jackman is uh is uh what was I saying? (Popsugar)

A History of Links

The Brangelina Wedding rumours: a timeline (Defamer)

But how is Jen taking it? (JustJared)

The Britney Spears wedding rumours (CelebritySmack)

Britney’s secret childhood, not-so-secret deflowering (Jezebel)

Robbie Williams won’t be checking into the Paris Hilton (AgentBedhead)

OJ Simpson’s girlfriend severely beaten: OJ to search for “the real beaters” (Celebitchy)

Max Liron Bratman gets his first magazine cover; his mother gets her first understated makeover (CelebrityBabySmack)

Courtney Love steals Christina Aguilera’s makeup, Frances Bean Cobain steals Courtney Love’s (HolyCandy)

And Rihanna was all, like, you di’int, and Jay-Z was all, like, oh yeah I DID and...(Bossip)

Uma Thurman is smoke-free, ready for spermination (ICYDK)

Win a date with Death (and Ted Nugent)! (SeriouslyOMGWTF)

Win a divorce for Valentine’s Day! (POTP)

British elegance: Lily Allen fists herself on her new tv show (Dlisted)

Dakota Fanning will not pull a Britney for art (EvilBeet)

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal’s son arrested for DUI and drugs (BackseatCuddler)

Amy Winehouse tells a tale of two Blakes (CelebWarship)

Isla Fisher has definitely, maybe lost the baby weight (DailyStab)

Wendy seeks Peter Pan on the red carpet (GoFugYourself)

Katherine Heigl plays dress-up with medical personnel (ImNotObsessed)

Janice Dickenson gets a new face: Kimora Lee Simmons’! (PerezHilton)

Courney Cox has fallen and she can’t get up under the weight of those extensions (Websters)

Who wore it better, the Division Championships (SecondCityStyle)

Link and you’ll miss it

Prayers for Britney: a Social Movement (PrayersForBritney)

I’m stuck in rehab with Pat O’Brien (StuckInRehabWithPatO’Brien)

Paris Hilton hires the handicapped: colorblind Oompa-Loompa thanks her (Defamer)

Amy Winehouse, British-mawed no more (AgentBedhead)

Celebrity Rap Sheet (LiquidGeneration)

Failed murderess still taking shots at the victim 16 years later (CelebritySmack)

Rihanna in post-Grammy, pre-Afterparty car crash (Dlisted)

Princes William and Harry to bike across Africa (CelebrityRightpundit)

Frances Bean Cobain is pretty, not her parents (Celebwarship)

More than we really wanted to know about Heather Mills’s erogenous zones (Mollygood)

Gwyneth sez: Brooklyn is the new Malawi (Popsugar)

Sienna Miller got her driver’s license, needs new photo to go with her new face (ICYDK)

Owen Wilson needs another intervention to get him off Kate Hudson (CeleBitchy)

Nicholas Cage sues Peggy Sue! (DailyStab)

Katherine Heigl gets a mom-makeover (EvilBeet)

Charlotte Church is a Jedi Mistress (HolyMoly)

The Knowles sisters keep it real. Real bitchy (GoFugYourself)

Johnny Depp’s kids go to Disneyland (JustJared)

Playdate for Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie? (ImNotObsessed)

Engineering secrets of the rich and famous, starring Aretha Franklin (HolyCandy)

New Line stiffs the estate of JRR Tolkien (PerezHilton)

Jennifer Aniston is 39. But how does Angelina feel about that? (WebstersIsMyBitch)

Trent Reznor now twice as pretty (raincoaster)

Chinese Linkyear

Britney busts loose, boots bodyguard (PerezHilton)

Kirstie Alley’s body thetans get the better of her (Websters)

Heath Ledger had ingested the entire alphabet, but it was all legal (Yeeeeah)

Delta Burke is an institution! Also in an institution (Celebitchy)

Mary-Kate Olsen is a purse hoarding hobbit (ImNotObsessed)

Sienna Miller is pretty, useless (AgentBedhead)

Adrien Grenier is veg-friendly (TheMeatScale)

Kirsten Dunst also institutionalized, not an institution (DailyStab)

Jordana Brewster is going to be a star someday… (Defamer)

Christina Aguilera doesn’t NEED your oxygen! (fourfour)

What happens in Miss Nevada stays in Miss Nevada, at least until she showers (Dlisted)

Brittany Murphy is 65, but her lips are only 3 months old (GoFugYourself)

Scientology is one big, dysfunctional family (HolyCandy)

Amy Winehouse may swap rehab for prison (CelebParasite)

Flight of the (Steven) Seagal (HolyMoly)

Tabloid roundup: the week in oversexed hobbits (Mollygood)

Who wants to look like a celebrity? Everyone, apparently (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld slaver over the juicy, tender souls of the innocent (CelebritiesEating)

Wacko Jacko will crash the Grammys (CelebritySmack)

Republicans and nerds put the “trade” in sex trade (Jezebel)

Super Linkday

Support Orama! (Orama08)

Rehabilitate ’08! (Derober)

Puppy Bowl! (WithMalice)

Uneasy Riders: Brad Pitt vs Tom Cruise (Defamer)

Canadian celebrity gossip blogging smackdown! (Gawker)

Sam Lufti is no René Angelil! (Jezebel)

Smells like…Holy Spirit! (MoonbeamMcqueen)

What’s new for Old Spice Girls (AgentBedhead)

Tom Jones insures his chestrug for seven mill (CelebritySmack)

Angelina Jolie was sperminated the old-fashioned way (Celebitchy)

Nicole Richie’s big win over Christina Aguilera (Gabsmash)

TomKat’s latest project (HolyCandy)

Halle Berry’s babydaddy is prettier than you, her (DailyStab)

John Mayer rocks the Borat nutsack bathing suit (WeLoveCelebs)

Lindsay Lohan’s loose lips (HollywoodBackwash)

Viggo’s (fashion) Promises (GoFugYourself)

Milo Ventimiglia is not amused (ImNotObsessed)


Heath Ledger, 28, RIP (Gawker)

Heath Ledger’s scarily foreshadowing interview (PerezHilton)

Heath Ledger’s final bow (Defamer)

Now that Suzanne Pleshette is gone, it’s all up to Angie Dickinson (raincoaster)

P. Doody has another name change (CelebritySmack)

Angelina Jolie is DISSED! (WebstersIsMyBitch)

Scarlett Johansson’s boobs cheer up the troops (AgentBedhead)

Lindsay Lohan wins two Razzies! (HollywoodOffender)

Christina Aguilera’s baby is one of the Chosen People (GabbyBabble)

The TomKat robot! (PrettyOnTheOutside)

Dita VonTeese offers you her secret weapon (CelebWarship)

The John Travolta Scientology video, in case you thought you’d seen them all (CeleBitchy)

Beauty Queen bitchfight (Dlisted)

Margaret Cho lets flow (HuffPo)

Mena Suvari rocks the Auntie Entity Beyond Thunderdome look (GoFugYourself)

Charlie Sheen vs Denise Richards: classfest! (HolyCandy)

Nicole Richie watched herself give birth in the mirror (ImNotObsessed)

30 Seconds to SARS (Mollygood)

Happy New Link!

Blogger posts from beyond the grave! (Gawker)

Free the Bud movement achieves victory! (WOWReport)

Kate Moss’s New Years Doherty drama! (ShowbizSpy)

Dane Cook, Marathon Man! (WendyWayrad)

Britney Spears dumped again! (GabbyBabble)

Jamie-Lynn Spears almost loses her talking point! (Popcrunch)

The Spears Family’s gift to parenting! (Radar)

Lindsay Lohan loves the moobs! (TheMeatScale)

Kabuki Spice and David Baldham! (ASocialitesLife)

Katherine Heigl’s wedding photos! (SeriouslyOMGWTF)

Kate Moss is big in Japan! (PopSugar)

Beyonce beats Kanye East, West, North and South! (PerezHilton)

Public donations of the rich and famous! (Mollygood)

Beauty queen mugshot makes all of us feel a little better about ourselves! (Dlisted)

Jessica Simpson is making a country comeback! (ImNotObsessed)

Kim Kardashian puts the ass in klass! (HolyCandy)

Katie Holmes and Christina Aguilera will be working moms soon! (DailyStab)

Lily Allen’s spermination turned her into Audrey Hepburn! (AgentBedhead)

Amy Winehouse has a prison date this Friday! (CelebritySmack)

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