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Stop! In the name of good taste!

Stop! In the name of ... all that is holy

Stop! In the name of ... all that is holy

The Fake and Bake is strong with this one.

Let’s all have a glass of Bolli fortified with Stoli and a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror (are we really turning into our mothers?) and a few celebrity gossip links with a Mother’s Day theme.

The great Hillary Clinton cover-up (raincoaster)

Mother’s Day food porn (ManoloFood)

Guess the celebrity and her mom (Ayyyy)

Norman Bates LOVES his mommy (Lolebrity)

Rock on: Mother’s Day ditty from Dwayne Johnson (AgentBedhead)

Sheryl Crow’s building her own Partridge Family (BusyBeeBlogger)

That’s it, Bieber! Go to your room! (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Sean Penn, you listen to your mother! YOU COME BACK HERE YOUNG MAN!!! (CelebritySmack)

It’s okay, Kate, don’t be jealous. Mom always liked you best (CelebVIPLounge)

Is this woman the fiercest mom on the planet? (CityRag)

Baby Beckham is already colour-coordinated (DailyStab)

Mommy had better get out of rehab soon (EarSucker)

Uh, is this some kind of bizarre Hollywood fertility rite? (FitFabCeleb)

Celebs and their moms on Mother’s Day (HaveUHeard)

Sparklepants and the world’s most famous unwed mother pose (HollywoodHiccups)

Mom Julia Roberts wants to save millions of moms’s lives (INeedMyFix)

Xtina shows off her babyfeed silos (MathewGuiver)

Teen mom Jamie Lynn is scaring me (PoorBritney)

Saluting Sophia Loren, about 40 years late (PopBytes)

Happy mother’s day from Roseanne (SeriouslyOMG)

In certain circles George Clooney’s birthday was also a holiday (SwoonWorthy)

World’s most famous barren womb indulges in Salvation Armani (TheSkinny)

The torch is passed: Madonna’s girl-child releases a single (TheSkinnyChic)


Andy Warhol vs James Franco

It’s true. Andy is prettier. Click and compare.

Andy may even be prettier than me on a bad day

Andy may even be prettier than me on a bad day

Although he DOES have to get that eyebrow game under control. Still, if we had beer goggles, who knows how we’d feel?

Guess the Goth (Ayyyy)
Bieber-bashing, a sport for the whole famdamily! (CelebrityBeehive)
Jerry Lewis has the secret to happiness (raincoaster)
Vladimir Putin vs Conde Nasty (Lolebrity)
Cthulhu vs Jackass (AgentBedhead)
As god is my witness, I thought NFL has-beens could fly (BusyBeeBlogger)
Celine Dion is keeping her fingers AND legs crossed (CeleBitchy)
Mad Men spoilers don’t make ME angry (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)
Death to Duckface! (CityRag)
By the ghost of Auntie Grizelda!!! (SeriouslyOMG)
Latoya is a vision…(Cojostyle)
Tyra Banks kidnaps teen sex addict? (DailyStab)
Fembot popstar NO this isn’t about Pussycat Dolls (DListed)
Yes, Colin, we still remember the Britney thing (LaineyGossip)
Save the boobies!!! (INeedMyFix)
Kate Hudson with a pretty dress and a face full of Botox (JustJared)
Johnny Depp continues path to canonization (PerezHilton)
Cindy Crawford is still Cindy Freaking Crawford (PopBytes)

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Tim Gunn vs the Superheros!

You won’t believe this. Your brain will explode from all the fabulousness on display as Tim Gunn of Project Runway tears apart the worst-loved super hero costumes of all time:

“You’d think an escape artist would want to have peripheral vision…”

“This looks so Broadway! I can just see Ann Miller tapdancing in this,” on Catwoman’s outfit. “I’m a fan of the Michelle Pfeiffer look, not the Halle Berry one. If your look is invoking the word “Halloween” that’s a sign it’s not working for you.”

And part two:

Are you a celebrity blogger who’d rather drink than link (and wouldn’t we all?) email me at raincoaster at gmail:
I’m starting a linking service to do your work for you! And I’m working on an ad network to launch in the fall.

Lindsay Lohan’s new low: cannibalism! (Lolebrity)
Celebutweet of the day: Mel Gibson (TrueSlant)
Don’t stop till you’ve got enough (raincoaster)
The magical healing power of shoes! (ShoeBlogs)
Not exactly the Dove of Peace (ManoloBig)
The sweet smell of Success! (ManoloMen)
CelebrityDad Faceoff: Bale vs Day-Lewis (TeenyManolo)
George Carlin was prescient (ManoloFood)
Reincarnating furniture (ManoloHome)
If Donnie Darko had lived, this would have been his wedding cake (ManoloBrides)
Kim Cattrall’s dream comes true (BusyBeeBlogger)
Vampires crushed by super-villain (CeleBitchy)
Switzerland is NO place for a family vacation! (CelebDirtyLaundry)
Pro-Am pornstar challenge! (CelebritySmack)
Brad Pitt once again beautiful beyond the lot of mortals (DListed)
The most mind-boggling piece of clothing in the history of the world (FourFour)
The Dream is over for Christina Milian (GabbyBabble)
Angelina defends her celebucub fashionista (HaveUHeard)
Pamela Anderson is going back in time! (EvilBeet)
Cindy Crawford is not mortal! (INeedMyFix)
But Betty White IS a god! (Movieline)
Prince Harry’s ex downgrades to reality tv (UKPopSugar)
How can you be so messed up you get fired from being a rehab patient? (PopBytes)
The King and Queen of America (SeriouslyOMG)
Who got cheated on the Emmy Nominations? (SquareEyes)

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Cindy Crawford, attacking carbs with gusto

This is a great workout for my arms!

Wow, just look at the way she’s tearing into that bread – those must be some hungry pigeons waiting to be fed!

My Milkshake Brings All the Links to the Blog

My milkshake brings all the links to the blog, and keeps ’em coming back for more. I think it’s the heroin I put in it.

Speaking of which, remember that Pete Doherty guy? (AgentBedhead)

Jayden James escapes California, only to be incarcerated (CelebWarship)

BritTwit says he’s feeling better, though (TheRealBritney on Twitter)

Our public intellectuals aren’t what they used to be (CeleBitchy)

Rod Stewart, the Pete Doherty of 1973 (CelebritySmack)

Mischa Barton is really overdue for a waxing (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Evan Rachel Wood will have you know she is not desperate (DailyStab)

Lamest “Child Star Gone Bad” story in history (Defamer)

John Travolta, the eternal straight man (WWTDD)

Which Emanuel brother are you? (Wonkette)

Taradise Lost: is celebrity hedonism over? (Gawker)

RIP Gus (DListed)

Not even Kate Moss looks good in that (PopSugar)

It must be Miley Cyrus’ personality, yeah, that’s it! (IBBB)

Katy Perry overshares her monthly cycle (CandyKirby)

Taylor Swift has perfect 70’s hair (ImNotObsessed)

Gisele Bundchen has perfect 80’s everything (JustJared)

as does Cindy Crawford (Websters)

Secret Service code names for the Obama family (Jossip)

Erik Estrada scalped Simon Cowell!!!!! (SeriouslyOMG)

Jasmine Tea and Almond Cookie Links

Katherine Heigl LOVES dogs! (Lolebrity)

Britney picks the scariest Halloween costume of all! (PopTard)

Celebrity trading cards: paper-thin, good-looking pieces with a short shelf life (AgentBedhead)

Amy Winehouse is a style icon to supermodels everywhere (CelebritySmack)

Wino is back on the ward (People)

My imaginary boyfriend will play the caterpillar in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (DListed)

Cabbage Patch politicians (PopEater)

Paris Hilton nervous about being shot into space (CeleBitchy)

Mary-Kate Olsen sperminated? (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

ScarJo is about six and a half years early for the seven year itch (DailyStab)

Celebrity doctors need love too. They just prefer to find it on Craigslist (Defamer)

Rent a blogger! (Gawker)

Diddy diddles the planet (HolyCandy)

Bono’s youth outreach (CandyKirby)

Paging Andy Warhol (IBBB)

Tom Cruise manhandles Matt Lauer (Mollygood)

Root for Naomi Watts (ImNotObsessed)

Hugh Jackman and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the rock musical Cleopatra (UKPopsugar)

The Curse of DWTS! (SeriouslyOMG)

Amy Poehler popped (Websters)

Sailboat and Mojito Links

Owen Wilson: the Butterscotch Stallion rides again! (lolebrity)

Couture Catfight: Anna Wintour vs Jenny from the Block (Gawker)

Faster, Britney, Kill, Kill! (AgentBedhead)

Morgan Freeman is back on the market (CeleBitchy)

Cindy Crawford is still flawless, now topless (SeriouslyOMG)

Tori Spelling is a Cher impersonator (IBBB)

Jennifer Aniston’s biological alarm just went off (Websters)

Be all that you can be: a fembot (SuperfantasticPlastic)

Jenna Jameson’s babymaker still works! (CandyKirby)

Keanu Reeves gets to keep a secret from you (JustJared)

Karl Lagerfeld shows off the grandkid (FakeKarl)

Josh Holloway is a Pebbles Flintstone impersonator (SocialiteLife)

Howard Stern drives his sidekick to drink (DailyStab)

Shia’s appendage may be cut (CelebritySmack)

Bus Rage: so much for a perfect record (WOWReport)

Words I never thought I’d type: Paris Hilton for President (Mollygood)

Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro to re-ignite your movie screens (UKPopsugar)

Little Black BCC: Hollywood Madame Follies (Defamer)

Indiana Jones and the Conspiracy of Links

Indiana Jones and the Fortress of Suckitude? (AgentBedhead)

Cindy Crawford and the Potion of Immortality (IBBB)

Ashley Olsen: “Small world, isn’t it?” Elizabeth Hurley: “Too small for the two of us” (CelebritySmack)

That woman is old enough to be your granddaughter, George Clooney! (DListed)

This is how we say goodbye in Hollywood (Defamer)

Throw me the American Idol pedo, I’ll throw you the whip (GabbyBabble)

Don’t call him Junior! RyRey and ScarJo may breed (DailyStab)

Don’t call Ryan Seacrest Junior either! Although he probably likes it when you do that (CandyKirby)

Hollywood snakes. Why’d it have to be Hollywood snakes? (Mollygood)

Tori Spelling looking rough: It’s not the years, it’s the mileage (ImNotObsessed)

Pubic lice. Why’d it have to be pubic lice? (raincoaster)

Nina Garcia sez: You can’t do this to me! I’m an American! (PerezHilton)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of LaBeoufcake (JustJared)

So once again, law enforcement, what was briefly yours is now ours. Welcome back, Wino (CeleBitchy)

Obama is allowing you to tag along. So why don’t you give your mouth a rest? Okay, doll? (Gawker)

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