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Daniel Radcliffe | Ayyyy! - Part 3
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Hump Day Links: Michael J Fox vs Marty McFly edition

Michael J Fox Marty McFly

Wow. Real life wins, for once.

[If you’re a gossip blogger who’d rather be drinking than linking, drop me an email at raincoaster at gmail dot com. I’m offering an affordable new link outsourcing service.]

Elizabeth Taylor vs Plastic Grrl! (TrueSlant)

Gaga, Grounded (Lolebrity)

Zee Frenssssh! (TheManolo)

This has GOT to be some horrible Freudian metaphor (ManoloHome)

Terror in the Kitchen! (ManoloFood)

About that bottle of Scotch… (ManoloBig)

Buddy got back (problems)? (ManoloMen)

Hit the Target! (TeenyManolo)

Hamlet would not have married her (ManoloBrides)

Jonah, Hexed (AgentBedhead)

Robert Pattinson CARES about us! (AmyGrindhouse)

Amy Winehouse, drama queen? (BricksAndStones)

Clive Owen smells (BusyBeeBlogger)

OK! is a comedy magazine? (CeleBitchy)

The Bride of Wildenstein (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

We have a Gaga DOWN! Repeat: we have a Gaga DOWN! (CelebDirtyLaundry)

ONE LiLo is quite sufficient, thank you (CelebritySmack)

A dandy reason to hang out in cafes (OhTheScandal)

Suri’s tribal tattoos (CityRag)

Not all royals have British Teeth (CojoStyle)

Jimmy Buffet is pro-Margarita, anti-Oilspill (DailyStab)

Five bucks on Sarah Jessica Parker’s twins (DListed)

Daniel Radcliffe does not fancy the Bieber (EvilBeet)

You do NOT go up against Oprah, my friend. (GabbyBabble)

Maybe she could just use the eyeshadow on her legs? (GoFugYourself)

I suspect Gaga (HaveUHeard)

Prince Albert locked down (INeedMyFix)

I’m ok, Britney’s a nutbar? (PoorBritney)

The Hills are alive with the sound of recaps (IBBB)

Ke$ha <3 Star Trek (JustJared)

10 greatest Real Worlders (MovieLine)

George Michael goes Down Under to come out on top (PerezHilton)

RPatz seen with Banksy ex (UKPopSugar)

I think Madame Tussaud’s just “repurposed” the Delta Burke statue (PopBytes)

The man dates Katy Perry: he’s never SEEN those before (SeriouslyOMG)

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Hump Day Links: The Gladiator Look Will Never Die Edition

Jake Gyllenhaal Prince of Persia Poster

And defy the fashion history of the last three years.

Normally, I’d say the Gladiator look is completely finito (and not a moment too soon), but for some reason I just can’t place I’m rather inclined to let this particular iteration go. No, wait; I’ve reconsidered. It must all come off right! now!

Hail our Capitalist Tool overlords! (TrueSlant)

Jay-Z is NOT amused (Lolebrity)


It runs in the family (TeenyManolo)

That does NOT say “cojones” (ManoloHome)

Balls! (ManoloBrides)

How. To. Wear. Shoes. (ManoloBig)

Hail our porn vampire overlords! (AgentBedhead)

Lindsay Lohan has a cunning plan… (AmyGrindhouse)

Sex and the City and the supporting cast (BusyBeeBlogger)

They sent them back to the volcano (CeleBitchy)

Fergie, Ghetto Duchess (CelebrityBeehive)

Nicole Kidman’s new shirt stuffers (CelebCosmeticSurgery)

Paula Abdul can’t count? Imagine! (CelebDirtyLaundry)

25 Cent (CelebritySmack)

Liza with a line! (DailyStab)

So THAT’s why Sonoma is popular for weekends away (DListed)

Hail our big-butted overlords! (Gawker)

Hail our Adderall-crazed overlord! (HaveUHeard)

Ol’ Googly Eyes and his Moll from Outer Space at a premiere (INeedMyFix)

Lindsay Lohan in Night Court! (IBBB)

Wait, someone put WRITERS on camera??? (MovieLine)

Jake Gyllenhaal whips out his big sword for the cameras (PinkIsTheNewBlog)

ZOMG Ginny is taller than Harry! (UKPopSugar)

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Hump Day Links: Upstaged!

hugh and ava jackman

Ava Jackman demonstrates that the ability to upstage one’s costars is genetic.

Katy Perry shows that Santa really IS coming (Lolebrity)

Daniel Radcliffe’s bum career (AgentBedhead)

Tiger is hiding his wood in several different club bags (AmyGrindhouse)

Bridget dumps Bernie, moves on to Bernice (BWE)

Dave Navarro OWNS the celebrity blogosphere (BBB)

Sarah Jessica Parker hiring nannies from sweatshops? (CeleBitchy)

George Michael OWNS celebrity Christmas music (PopBytes)

Mickey Rourke takes another prize (HolyMoly)

Oh noes! JT has a mini-fro! (LitelySalted)

Kingston Rossdale has a fauxhawk (CelebritySmack)

The gayest video of all time? (Crunk+Disorderly)

Marilyn Monroe and Maryjane (DailyStab)

The Hills, the comic book (Gawker)

Goth Skater Cocktail Chic (GoFugYourself)

Whitney Houston LOVES awards (FourFour)

Happy Birthday Britney (GabbyBabble)

John Mayer really cares about our Golden Couple (EvilBeet)

Susan Boyle is unstoppable (DListed)

Mischa Barton, soon to appear on Oprah (INO)

Jessica Simpson, Not Working (Justjared)

Sandra Bullock plays quarterback (Movieline)

Help John Mellencamp quit smoking (SeriouslyOMG)

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Mystery Plonk Links

I don’t know what it was, but it was white, it was fizzy, and it was free, so who am I to look a gift plonk in the mouth? That’s what I get for not buying my own drinks!

Celebrity Dad Faceoff: Ricardo Montalban vs Gregory Peck (TeenyManolo)

Mad-Eye Mills is Moody (AgentBedhead)

Hey! Jordana Brewster is back! (AmyGrindhouse)

Bluebeard sadly looking his age (CelebuWreck)

but maybe these people can still use him? (CelebritySmack)

Suzanne Somers is a pillhead (CeleBitchy)

Scarjo has some questions for God (DailyStab)

PuppyBowl! (Defamer)

Alan Cumming on the President (DListed)

Daniel Radcliffe on the President (UKPopSugar)

Starting your own daycare: yor doin it rong (EvilBeet)

an fyenansin it rong (CandyKirby)

Ines owns (HollywoodBackwash)

That’s why they call her Gaga (GoFugYourself)

John Mayer has a new squeeze now (JustJared)

Russell Crowe, hawt Eighties preacher (SeriouslyOMG)

Ali Lohan is fifteen going on forty (Websters)

Daniel Radcliffe, values wisdom and experience

It may please you to know that our favourite boy wizard has tasted carnal fruit and thus earnt passage into the hallowed halls of manhood:

‘Harry Potter’ leading man Daniel Radcliffe is revealing intimate details about his sex life to Details.

Radcliffe, 19, told the mag in a recent interview that he lost his virginity at age 16 to a much older woman.

The young star says that although the age difference “wasn’t ridiculous,” it likely “would freak some people out.”

Well I suppose that clears some things up.

Your Queen demands your faithful service!

Himbo Link Luv

Prince Harry sez: *^&$ primogeniture! (Lolebrity)

Daniel Radcliffe farts PURE LIGHT (AgentBedhead)

Strokes? (BusyBeeBlog)

Britney Spears is so over men (CelebrityDirt)

Sienna Miller’s neighbors support truth in advertising (CelebritySmack)

Hunk @ Large! Tom Arnold is single again! (BittenAndBound)

Behold the power of the Pivert! (CandyKirby)

Celebrity sperm that succeeds! (IBBB)

The Stefani/Rossdale Popstar Eugenics Program presents Gen 2.0! (ImNotObsessed)

Shia Shirtless (JustJared)

This girl has a great future being “professionally friendly” to geeks (GoFugYourself)

Verne Troyer, chick magnet: just call him Mister Tripod! (Websters)

Jack Osbourne goes to prison! (SeriouslyOMG)

David Blaine to be hanged! (Mollygood)

Obama’s is bigger than McCain’s? (Radar)

This is old, but dayum Princes William and Harry are teh hawt! (UKPopsugar)

Lucky lady rear-ended by George Clooney (Defamer)

Brits in America (Gawker)

Jasmine Tea and Puppies Links

Been that kind of day. Gossip blog linkination, take me away!

(low standards, I know, I know)

Princess Beatrice duz not has British Teeth! (Lolebrity)

Henry Rollins thinks you’re a twit! (AgentBedhead)

Save the Cheerleader’s Undergotchies! (DailyStab)

Drink beer to become as smart as Jessica Simpson (CelebritySmack)

Get your hands on Matthew McConaughey’s Hook ‘Em Horns (SeriouslyOMG)

Mini Me, Maxi Media (CelebuWreck)

Matt Damon re-dads (CeleBitchy)

Be Nicole Richie’s slave! (BricksAndStones)

Now we know where Cher gets her wigs (IBBB)

Enter HoffSpace! (TheBlemish)

Ricky Martin: Livin La Vida Breeder? (CandyKirby)

This could be the greatest British comedy show ever (UKPopsugar)

Angie Harmon expecting (ImNotObsessed)

The Michael Phelps/Amanda Beard drinking game (ItsCandyTV)

The Legend of Spaghetti Cat (Mollygood)

Harry Potter had “a lot of fun” with Lavender Brown (JustJared)

The love triangle that ate the internet (Radar)

Liveblogging Project Runway (Gawker)

The Periodic Table of Awesoments (TheDapperstache)

Will this performance save Tom Cruise’s careeer? (Defamer)

Raspberry Margarita and Hot Tub Links

Miley Cyrus has a baggage (Lolebrity)

The Chosen Twins start life $3 million in debt to People Magazine (AllieIsWired)

Amy Winehouse Junkie Monkey ice cream on indefinite hold (AgentBedhead)

Simon LeBon fishing for crabs/Jake Gyllenhaal um no comment (CelebritySmack)

Robert Downey Jr’s 70’s pornstar womb broom (Websters)

Harry Potter and the Fanfic of NSFW (CityRag)

Not your grandpa’s Olympics: nip slip! (DrunkenStepfather)(NSFW)(don’t fire me boss!)

Peaches “Clean and Sober” Geldof weds guy she was not technically dating (BittenAndBound)

Milli Banana: even China’s adorable children are fake! (DListed)

Gwyneth looks fabulous, does not care about your bruised shins, plebe (CelebWarship)

Tom Cruise loses part to Angelina Jolie (DailyStab)

Brooke Hogan both tasteless and…Brooke Hogan (MollyGood)

Cougarboobs! (Defamer)

Ryan Seacrest, boytoy (CandyKirby)

Sharon Stone embargoes her camel toe (IBBB)

Thanks to these shoes, Rachel Bilson’s feet can withstand nuclear attack! (JustJared)

Tropic Thunder premiere attended by everyone but Thor himself (UKPopsugar)

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