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Eva Green

Eva Green

It’s always so cute when little girls play dress-up, but somebody needs to tell Eva here that Mommy’s Slutty Friend’s makeup doesn’t go with Daddy’s Downlow Friend trousers.

Eva Green: more than just a Barbra Streisand song!

Eva Green vampira

Eva Green vampira

God, I love Eva Green; she frightens me, and it takes a LOTTA fierce to do that. I’m posting this picture for several reasons, even though the makeup is uneven, and black eyeliner forgives nothing:

  • car wash skirts 4 eva! If you have the knees for them, very few things look as good.
  • minimal, make that no jewelry; it takes confidence to pull that off in the Age of Bling, but if the dress is remarkable enough, it doesn’t need sparklies.
  • those shoes. Those SHOES!

I own those shoes. Thank you, Eva Green, for giving me reason to feel fabulous, if only by proxy.

In a similar vein, but a slight variation, these Dolce & Gabbana pumps:

Sharon Stone’s Hollywood Diet Links

Sharon Stone goes Om Nom Nom

Sharon Stone goes Om Nom Nom

At a recent press conference, Sharon Stone demonstrates a typical lunch from her own patented Hollywood Diet that’s responsible for her girlish figure and fresh face.

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Climbing the Walls

John Galliano and Eva Green

John Galliano and Eva Green are climbing the walls

Insanely fabulous John Galliano and Eva Green here demonstrate a typical party guest’s reaction when Aunt Letitia wheels out her harpsichord.

First Links First

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Eva Green Has Many Interests

Aside from her love of the lost art of letter writing (shown here shilling for Mont Blanc) she also enjoys gardening, horseback riding and gnawing the sweet virginal flesh off your young delicious babies.