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Slam Punk

So apparently the Met is throwing punk parties nowadays; well, I guess someone had to, what with CBGBs closed and the Mudd Club closed and Max’s Kansas City closed and…everything closed, and half the people dead. So they threw a party called “PUNK: Chaos to Couture,” invited the Living Dead, the Social Skeletons, and the mummified dowagers and their walkers to a gala and…

Sienna Miller was the best-dressed woman there?

Sienna Miller at the Met Gala

Sienna Miller at the Met Gala

I know, I know, I’m losing my edge: first Katy Perry, now Sienna Miller. Both women I love to loathe, and both hit it out of the park in terms of the right fashion at the right time and place. It’s not easy to do glam punk, but Miller does it here with a jacket and headpiece worth more than Jonny Rotten ever spent on heroin in his entire life. But she still doesn’t look like she’s in costume; she looks like she could wear that with ripped jeans in a squat and be as relaxed and at home as Gwyneth Paltrow pretends to be when surrounded by food.

But that’s costume, gala punk. The Little Fashion Troll, he is the real thing.

Galliano is gloriously insane

Galliano is gloriously insane

And can someone tell me why, out of that entire fringey shorts over the camo shorts with the Pucci scarf with the prepster vest with the Derelicte jacket I am focused entirely on the feet and wondering where (and why) he ever got camel-toed British military socks? Do the Japanese do a lot of deer stalking in the Highlands or something? If they do, trust John Galliano to sneak up and snag their look when they’re not looking.

Shine On, MM

Matthew McConaughey is well-suited for mayhem

Matthew McConaughey is well-suited for mayhem

So! Many! Questions! Including:

  1. does it come with its own batteries?
  2. did he mug a Batman villain for the outfit?
  3. how stoned was HE when he picked this out?

Ladies and gentlemen, this suit is the reason the word “AYYYY!” exists.


Does Vanessa Hudgens have THE Coachella Look?

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

Well, that Depends.

It’s a Konundrum

Kim K maternity pairs figure skate outfit

Kim K maternity pairs figure skate outfit

And as she shifts her gaze wistfully downward, past the figure skater at a funeral fashion disaster, Kim wonders, “Will I ever see my feet again?”


So THAT's what Reindeer Games are

So THAT’s what Reindeer Games are

Courtney Stodden, we have an early Christmas present for you: a trip in a time machine…Click onward to see the future.


Rihanna’s classic look

Rihanna's high fashion

Rihanna’s high fashion

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a reason Rihanna’s debut clothing line has been heralded as “High Fashion.” Let’s look at the respected designer as she is deep into the creative process.


Rihanna's creative process

Rihanna’s creative process

Arms a-Kimbo

Kim Kardashian Ostrich

Kim Kardashian Ostrich

Here’s the young and lovely Kim Kardashian aka Tawdry Hepburn modeling the latest in maternity ostriches and leggings from the Teen Mom collection at Frederick’s of Hollywood. Do you think she’ll start a trend? Let us all pray not.

LiLo fails to lie low

Lindsay LAX

Lindsay is LAX but luxe

Lindsay Lohan has it going on. She knows that when appearing before a judge to argue yet again that you shouldn’t go to jail yet again for breaching your bail conditions yet again, one needs to look one’s very best. She’s shown here making a much-needed appointment with her waxer.

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