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George Clooney | Ayyyy! - Part 10
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Links o’ the Day

Tina Yothers (Jen from Family Ties) has a boy (People)

Salma Hayek has a girl (Yeeah)

Samantha Harris has a girl (DailyStab)

Charlotte Church has a girl, names her Ruby (PerezHilton)

Is Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus pregnant? (CeleBitchy)

Nicole Richie is visibly pregnant, not popping just yet (Celebrity Smack)

Brangelina shopping around for another orphan? (HollywoodOffender)

Posh, stripper; the only time you’ll see those two words together (Agent Bedhead)

Miss USA throws Katie Couric some tude (I’mNotObsessed)

Lohan still playing to type in rehab (HolyCandy)

How Celebrities escape conviction (CityRag)

Barry Manilow’s plastic surgery, deconstructed (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

George Clooney, road warrior (WOWreport)

Viggo Mortensen’s nekkid moneymaker (NSFW, Mollygood)

Chris Crocker, from Myspace Hero to Myspace layout (MyMyspace Layouts)


Britney facing criminal charges (PerezHilton)

George Clooney in motorcycle accident (PopSugar)

Condi Rice’s crib (Metrocentric)

Britney fans’s nekkid protest, like, OMG! (Postcards)

Milla Jovovich’s baby bump (DailyStab)

Marcia, Marcia, MARCIA! (AgentBedhead)

Johnny Rotten tells junkie stars to clean up their acts (CelebritySmack!)

Dear Brangelina, plzplzplz adopt me kthxbai (I’mNotObsessed)

Sarah Michelle Gellar, miser? (HolyMoly)

James Blunt, miser, manslut? (Celebitchy)

Katherine Heigel to produce Lost and Found (BuzzSugar)

Brad Pitt, private dancer (Us)

Jim Carrey, the autism whisperer (HolyCandy)

Jennifer Lopez bringing the 70’s back (Hollywood Offender)

Kim Kardashian is Miss December (The Superficial)

Bennifer Garner-Affleck even fight nicely (People)

Amy Winehouse’s MOBOs moment explained (WOWreport)

Does this mean I’ve now become a kept man?

Please help me, this is a more serious problem than global warming

What a cute little Hollywood star! I will hug you and pet you and squeeze you and take you home and call you George!

My name IS George.

That’s what I said. Now put on the diamond collar I bought you and hop in that designer pet carrier.

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