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George Clooney | Ayyyy! - Part 2
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Russian Caravan Links

Because if you can’t afford a fireplace the next best thing is a pot of smoky Russian Caravan and a book of ghost stories on a cold night. Or Trent Reznor. Trent Reznor is good on a cold night…or so I’ve heard!

Celebrity Dad Faceoff: Clark Gable vs Jimmy Stewart (TeenyManolo)

ScarJo rocks the Mother Of The Bride look (Websters)

Amy Winehouse is back to the salt mines (SocialiteLife)

Boy George really DID want to hurt him (CeleBitchy)

Search for the real killers interrupted for next 33 years (SeriouslyOMG)

Justice for Cate Blanchett (PopBytes)

Anna Wintour still destroying the dreams of America’s best and brightest (WizBangPop)

George Clooney, Socialite for Africa (UKPopSugar)

Queen Oprah crowned (PerezHilton)

Nicole Kidman is stuck on Sunday (ImNotObsessed)

Full House refilled (IBBB)

Clay Aiken does not <3 Kathy Griffin (CandyKirby)

Jamie Lynn Spears’s doctor sucks (GabbyBabble)

The reports of the death of the gossip blogosphere have been greatly exaggerated (EvilBeet)

Yet another reason to hate Katherine Heigl (Defamer)

Bettie Page had a heart attack! (CelebritySmack)

Pete=Pete?!?!?!?! (AgentBedhead)

Pumpkin Ale Links

Well, what else are you going to drink on Thanksgiving? Those Shirley Temples Aunt Flossie mixes are way too strong!

Mariah Carey is thankful Ellen doesn’t ask too many questions (Websters)

Axl Rose, however, is ungrateful (SeriouslyOMG)

Be thankful this guy isn’t following you down a dark alley (UKPopsugar)

Be glad your name isn’t something as dumb as Bronx Mowgli (Mollygood)

Josh Duhamel gives thanks for polar bears (JustJared)

I am grateful for entertaining double entendres (JustJaredJr)

Zac Braff is thankful for his newfound freedom (ImNotObsessed)

Millions of men grateful for Natalie Portman’s failure to understand (CandyKirby)

Be thankful this dude is not your dad! (People)

Happy Thanksgivingmass (IBBB)

Celebs share their Thanksgiving turkeys with us! (Defamer)

What celebs are grateful for (ONTD)

I’m grateful I’m not these people’s Thanksgiving dinner guest (DailyStab)

Rejoice! They finally found a use for Barney! (CelebritySmack)

Be grateful you didn’t have Sarah Larson’s terrible burdens (CeleBitchy)

And be grateful you’re not Rachel Johnson, winner of the most prestigious award in literature (maybe, maybe not) (AgentBedhead)

Drinks After Dark Links

Because what with Daylight Savings Time, even your morning coffee is drunk in the dark!

Kelly Osbourne robs the cradle (CelebWarship)

Eminem’s acorn didn’t fall far from the tree (CelebrityDirt)

Jennifer Aniston is Jennifer Aniston’s biggest fan (Websters)

Ashlee and Pete welcome the newest member of the Gawdawful Celebrity Baby Name Club (UKPopSugar)

Joe the Plumber has a book deal (MollyGood)

Cedric Diggory appears to be turning into Pete Doherty (JustJared)

America’s Next Top Recapper (IBBB)

Top 10 celebrity porn names (CandyKirby)

Moulin Rouge meets 80’s hair metal (GoFugYourself)

Rihanna to guest on Stargate any day now? (DListed)

Adrien Brody has a creepy stalker…who interviewed him for The Advocate (Defamer)

Sexiest Men Alive, now with scratch-n-sniff goodness! (Gawker)

The Divorce of the Century has been granted! (DailyStab)

Hugh Jackman overshares (CelebritySmack)

Hinterland’s Who’s Who: The Douchebag (CityRag)

Winona was high when she reached ground level (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Salon’s Sexiest Men Alive for Thinkers (CeleBitchy)

George Clooney supports Movember (AgentBedhead)

Suffering Bastard Links

Tonight we dedicate our gossip link roundup to the concept, consumption, and practice of the Suffering Bastard.

HoverSuri iz hovering (Lolebrity)

Redmond O’Neal to re-try rehab (CelebWarship)

Even Paris Hilton looks down on Sarah Palin (Websters)

Chauncey Gardener makes her look dumb by comparison (Gawker)

Tom Cruise enters the Bedhead Hall of Shame (AgentBedhead)

Kiefer Sutherland is terrified of imaginary sharks (DailyStab)

George Clooney suffers Tom Selleck Follicular Syndrome (Defamer)

Bill Gates is a dick (NSFW!) (Valleywag)

Can you even imagine the suffering involved in dating Anna Wintour? (Radar)

Hitler’s is better than Zac Efron’s, to be honest (UKPopSugar)

John Cusack’s stalker FINALLY gets a date. In court (WizbangPop)

The Naked Chef is terrified of herpes! (GetLippy)

Kanye West’s narrow escape (HolyCandy)

Sting has a monkey on his back (CandyKirby)

another helpless victim of the economic downturn (IBBB)

Is it Tuesday Already Links

Yes, yes it is. So have a nutritious Maple Leaf Martini and enjoy some tasty gossip links.

LolPalin (Lolebrity)

Suri! Step away from the Man in Black! (Websters)

How does it go? Ashes to ashes, guano to Posh? (SeriouslyOMG)

Actual pirates take a write-down as result of credit crisis (Radar)

Today in Things We’d Rather Not Think About News, David Crosby on the NBA’s members (DListed)

CBS desperately needs David Crosby’s help (CandyKirby)

What will Matt Damon say? Jimmy Kimmel’s right hand will soon find out! (EvilBeet)

Absolutely Fabulous to be imported, made 80% less fabulous (WoW)

Halle Berry is the sexiest woman alive (JustJared)

George Clooney is hot, wet, and ready for some one on one (PopSugar yes PopSugar!)

The latest Bond Girl was born with uh … extra appendages (HolyMoly)

Diddy fires Aubrey O’Day, the only woman who wears false lashes on the bottom, too (PerezHilton)

George W Bush offers his thoughtful perspective on the Iraq War (Mollygood)

Anna Faris stars in: Lopsided In Pink (GoFugYourself)

Today in Crazy Cab Driver TV (FourFour)

Steve Carell has shingles (Defamer)

Vlad (Putin) the Impaler (Gawker)

Keira Knightly’s life is worth Writer’s Guild of America minimum $ (DailyStab)

Shirley Manson speaks! (CelebritySmack)

Wait, Amy Winehouse can read? (AgentBedhead)

Ginger Lemon Tea and Chicken Soup Links

I have the sad duty of reporting that the “hot buttered gin” experiment was a total failure. In the absence of further information we are blaming the cloves.

Is it real or is it Photoshop? Only TV Guide knows for sure (Websters)

Clitt can’t split!!! (SeriouslyOMG)

Kate Moss’s ex wants to sperminate her (CeleBitchy)

Leighton Meester goes from rags to riches, or at least from jail to stardom (WhatWouldTylerDurdenDo)

Claymates not adapting well to the latest news (Defamer)

More on Claynation in mourning (CandyKirby)

Amy Winehouse experiences difficulty holding down a job (ImNotObsessed)

Drew Barrymore not too picky to settle for a fanny-pack wearing Vanilla Ice impersonator (DListed)

The perfect gift…for your worst enemy (AgentBedhead)

The Battling Lohans are at it again (CelebritySmack)

Oasis is SO not getting invited to Balmoral (DailyStab)

I am cancelling laundry “to focus on the economy” (Radar)

Janet Jackson is an International Woman of Mystery (IBBB)

Rilo Kiley is all about the pottymouth (CelebrityDirt)

Sauvignon Blanc and a Smoked Salmon Salad Links

It’s the last days of summer, so get your patio drinks and girly salads while you can!

Nine Inch Fails (Lolebrity)

50 cent truly worth about that much (AgentBedhead)

Victoria Beckham to make available to fans all that food she doesn’t eat (DailyStab)

Presidential O-Faces (CandyKirby)

Canuck Hayden Christensen takes “American” lessons (JustJared)

Madonna takes her house husband out for a treat (IBBB)

The Curse of Clooney (Mollygood)

The Curse of Jessica (Websters)

Drunk celebrities! (CityRag)

Kanye kant kope (CeleBitchy)

Barbara Walters promises to care for her slaves (DListed)

Tyler Perry, decoded (Defamer)

Dolly Parton to the rescue! (WOWReport)

Rebecca Romijn takes the baby bump for a walk (GabbyBabble)

Americans can now get into Kate Moss’s pants (PopSugar)

Kiefer kant keep sekrets (PinkIsTheNewBlog)

Larry Birkhead is not proud (TMZ)

Most generous celebrities (HollywoodBackwash)

Surprisingly, Amy Winehouse does not appear to be improving (Yeeeeah)

Pete Wentz does his David Soul pornalike impression (SeriouslyOMG)

Sport Bar Honey Lager and Pretzel Links

Hey, I may be a snob, but I’m a snob who isn’t too proud to take the open bar in whatever twisted form it chooses to manifest in, especially when I’ve been working at an art project all day. Pass the peanuts!

Birth, christening, DNA test, court order: Miss Manners, David Spade on Line One (AgentBedhead)

Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS 3! (DailyStab)

The Women are no Clare Booth Luce! (CelebritySmack)

Meat puppet vs producer:Hollywood Smackdown! (Defamer)

Lily Allen gets into another fight at a party (HolyMoly)

McCain wins the monkey vote (Gawker)

Karl Lagerfeld, wanted man (FakeKarl)

Intern George will solve your life (GoFugYourself)

Frantically clutching husbands: the Olympic event (CandyKirby)

Tommy Lee is pleased about blogger self-abuse! (IBBB)

So will Lilo do PlayGIRL instead? (ImNotObsessed)

Britney puts her meat through the grinder (Mollygood)

Brad Pitt handles the transition from Venice to CENTRE OF THE BLOODY UNIVERSE with grace (JustJared)

Pete Doherty costs me five bucks (SeriouslyOMG)

Perez Hilton is slim, handsome, and still completely ridiculous (Websters)

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