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Australia, waiting to seduce you

I’m not so sure about Tourism Australia’s latest idea to tie in Baz Luhrmann’s film Australia with the new slogan “See the Movie, See the Country” (in which case you won’t need to actually visit it after all).  Surely it would be more effective if they just used the universal appeal of Hugh Jackman and added a few words like so:

There will be lots of exploration on this holiday

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For all his dislike of institutionalised education, Wolverine seems to have actually learnt something at Professor X’s Mutant Academy.  At the moment his levitation skills are limited to children under the age of 8 but this trick should still come in handy should Magneto decide to attack with an army of disgruntled kiddies who’ve been plucked from the most tedious birthday party ever.

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Ayyyy! It’s Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to our readers from the land of Down Under!

Let’s raise our schooners together and toast this fair nation that is girt by sea, this sunburnt country that has spawned some of the best and brightest talent in Hollywood. And now, I shall call upon the exhilarating Hugh Jackman to take us away with his vibrant maracas and tight shiny pants.

Boy from Oz

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