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The Sexiest Peoples in England

Manolo says, James Blunt and Sophie Dahl prove that looks are not everything.

Desperate Costner Fan Achieves Life’s Goal

Manolo says, here is the joyous tale of desperation rewarded.

Dear “If I Blog It They Will Come” Readers,

A little over seven months ago, a blog began with the express purpose of getting one Kevin Costner to send us a photo of himself looking at a blog about himself…our blog, “If I Blog It They Will Come”. The time and effort expended on this endeavor has been greatly rewarding. We’ve been very lucky to have so many people checking out the site, sending us emails and sharing their enthusiasm for our goofy venture.


We are pleased now to confirm to you that if you blog it, he will indeed come.

And now, depression begins.

Depp, Doing His Own Thang

Manolo says, here you see the master thespian, Johnny Depp, dressed the archaic, muy romantico, style he has taken as his own: battered fedora, scuffed shoes, double-breasted white cashmere jacket, pin-striped pants. It is all unmistakably Depp.

Yes, it is also all faintly ridiculous and costumey, but the Manolo does not really mind. As the Manolo has said in the past,

The Manolo has the rule, if you are the Johnny Depp, or the Marlon Brando, or the Russell Crowe, or the Daniel Day Lewis, you are the genius and are entitled to wear whatever you want, however ridiculous, without the petty carping of the Manolo.

And so, Johnny Depp, Genius, the Manolo salutes you and your silly clothes.

P.S. One Depp, Two Depp

Bodily harm is ok if it’s during the morning coffee run

Only Wednesday, and already we have a celebrity arrest that doesn’t involve Pete Doherty:

Film star Jude Law has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a photographer outside his west London home, police said Wednesday.

The Hollywood hunk, 34, was said to have tried to grab the lensman’s camera outside his house in the plush Maida Vale district, according to The Sun newspaper.

The photographer was alleged to have suffered minor injuries in the incident.


We don’t have that much common, apart from the occasional onscreen nudity

We so need that guy who does Jennifer Aniston’s hair

Special Agents Scruffdaddy and McTintin were about to have their first manly tiff.  After all it was highly debatable as to which was the superior action movie – Miami Vice or Miss Potter.

Does this mean I’ve now become a kept man?

Please help me, this is a more serious problem than global warming

What a cute little Hollywood star! I will hug you and pet you and squeeze you and take you home and call you George!

My name IS George.

That’s what I said. Now put on the diamond collar I bought you and hop in that designer pet carrier.

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