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Hump Day Hunk: George Takei!

We deeply heart the utterly shameless and completely adorable George Takei. In this video he celebrates raising $158,000 to stage a musical on the Internment of Japanese-Americans by doing his “happy dance.”

From the looks of things, this does not take his husband Brad to his happy place.

Classic Hollywood Fails

What DID the classic icons of Hollywood do when they messed up a line?

Pretty much the same as you would have: they swore like troopers.

Discreet Objects of Desire

Every now and then the interwebs show you something so breathtakingly perfect that you have to stop cold and simply admire in silent awe.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr

Douglas Fairbanks Jr


I refer, of course, to this little item featured by Bergdorf Goodman’s Tumblr.

DFJR's lighter

DFJR's lighter

I don’t even smoke and yet I stand in awe of this marvelous little hunk of machined metal. It is a thing of beauty and a joy forever and, if you Santa finds he can’t quite deliver the items on my list (Julian Assange in brown leather jeans and handcuffs) he should know that Douglas Fairbanks Jr’s lighter would be an acceptable substitute. As would Douglas Fairbanks Jr!

Faces of Smack: Marianne Faithfull

To be fair, the evolution of this face and body owes something to nicotine as well. But as Nan Darien said in Vanity Fair, “I don’t see the appeal of heroin. Does the weight stay off?”


Marianne Faithfull in her youth

Marianne Faithfull in her youth


Marianne Faithfull older

Marianne Faithfull older

This is what Courtney Love can only dream of becoming. Oh, and she does.

Fun fact: when the producer who first got Marianne under contract reported the fact to his boss, his exact words were, “I saw an angel with big tits, so I signed her.” There are worse decisions in the history of music.


Putting on the Dog

Wire hangers would have been good enough for this one

Wire hangers would have been good enough for this one

Oh, Joan. We know, we know. You don’t have to advertise it.

PS it was wrong of you to do this to your child, Halloween or not.


Smells Fishy

Halloween’s almost here, folks, and if you’re not Lady Gaga that means it’s your one chance to bust a radical move in the costume department. May I suggest wrapping yourself in layers of irony by purchasing Bette Midler’s original costume for that beloved mermaid, Delores Del Lago, the Toast of Chicago?

Dolores Del Lago, the Toast of Chicago

Delores Del Lago, the Toast of Chicago

Bidding is open at $500, and they estimate that it’ll close at less than $2000, which is a steal any way you look at it.

A fuchsia fish scale printed and hand painted, panne velvet mermaid costume with nude, clam shell top all heavily embellished with crystals. Together with matching feather head piece. Worn by Midler as she portrayed one of her signature characters, Delores de Lago during performances of her February 2008 through January 2010 show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, The Showgirl Must Go On.

“Gaga, here’s your chance!!” – Bette

If you’re a perfectionist (Gaga, I am looking at you) you can also pick up the whole wheelchair chorus line as well as their mermaid costumes. But in order to fill out the original costume, girl, you gonna hafta eat a sammich.

Friday Caption Contest: Capote!

Do your best/worst with our precious little literatus here. Isn’t he just adorbz? He was so cute before the bloat and the gin blossoms got him, but then, weren’t we all?

He's a little twee for me. It's Tru.

He's a little twee for me. It's Tru.

Sophia Loren reminds us…

Sophia Loren knows her Joe Cocker songs

Sophia Loren knows her Joe Cocker songs

Let no-one accuse Sophia Loren of fashion crimes! She, along with all French women and most Southern ladies knows that a lady need not remove her hat and her gloves (and her pearls) indoors, except in her own home. And regardless how often she goes to that hotel, it doesn’t count as “home.”

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