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Saturday Caption Contest Results: Janice Dickinson Edition

It’s time to announce a winner on our Scary Supermodel caption contest, and here it is:

Sniff, sniff...doesn't smell like teen spirit
Sniff, sniff…doesn’t smell like teen spirit

May 19, 2011 at 10:34 am

Champagne wishes and Botox dreams.

Congratulations and imaginary swag to Carole! To celebrate her great victory, we virtually offer this stickfigurriffic silver caviar dish. It makes me think of the lovely Janice, somehow. She reminds me of a really glamorous Baba Yaga/Dita Von Teese cross, splashing around starkers in a giant caviar dish filled with Champagne and propped up on the bones of fallen models of years gone by.

I can see Janice hopping right in and splashing around like an ancient Dita von Teese

Saturday Caption Contest: Janice Dickinson Edition

Caption this avatar of grace and beauty in the comments. The winner gets fabulous imaginary prizes!

She's asking for it. Give it to her in the comments

She's asking for it. Give it to her in the comments

Janice Dickinson, easily mistaken for chewy treats and bones

I'm an innocent dog...get me out of here

One sniff however should be enough to tell that there’s nothing delicious to be found here.

Janice Dickinson, still has inhibitions

It's vanished into the abyss

Now, where did that butt floss go? This must be her subtle way of letting us know that unlike the current crop of party girls turned celebrities, she still firmly believes in the beneficial qualities of underwear. Stay classy Janice – we will remember not to avert our eyes next time you clamber out the back of a limo!