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The Unbearable Gravity of Celebrity

In the fashion world, it’s normal for a trend to start on the street and then be co-opted by couturiers, whence it makes its way to the backs of seemingly every two-bit chorine who ever got a seatwarming gig at the Oscars.

How hopelessly Twentieth Century!

These days the trend train chugs along thusly:
2009 ISU World Figure Skating Championships - Pairs Short Program

Possibly-Washed-Up Figure Skaters

2009 American Music Awards - Show
Possibly-Washed-Up Singer/Actresses
Lady Gaga Goes Down

Jennifer Lopez, turns the big 4-0

Wah, it's like 60 in Hollywood years

Cheer up J-Lo, waving goodbye to your thirties isn’t as traumatic as you think. Just wait till you hit 50, then you’ll see what happens to those lovely arms of yours.

Tree people

Ayyyy! Puzzle corner now open for comments!

Fashion trend alert: Personalised football jerseys


You too can have one for as little as the cost of owning your own football team!

Jennifer Lopez, has souvenirs from Japan

Fur my babies

While Madonna waits it out in Malawi for news on her latest proposed acquisition, it appears from the photo above that J-Lo has already successfully adopted two baby foxes. True, she’s only brought home their skins but that’s only so it’s much safer for the twins to play with!

Jennifer and Marc, marriage is rock solid

Rumours, what divorce rumours?

The President is looking in our direction, I think he’s onto us – quick you scrawny fool, kiss me now! There is NO WAY I’m going to let us become the first celebrity couple to divorce during his term!

Nog Latte Links

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Jennifer Lopez, doing little jig of joy

This is the best day of my life!

What an incredible relief to no longer have to live up to a certain frenemy’s overly impeccable dress standards. To celebrate her departure for for more Italian climes, let’s officially declare today, Dress Down While Shopping For Diamonds Day!

My bracelets cost more than your home

Note: Ayyyy! Puzzle corner will return on Monday 5 January.

Brandy Alexander Links

The infamous Brandy Alexander has the unique distinction of being the first drink of which my mother ever consumed an excess. She’d been assured that the cream would coat her tummy so the brandy wouldn’t hit her too hard. Been assured. By a liar.

She remembers throwing her shoes off the cliff above St. Tropez and her new husband having to step around nude couples on the beach looking for them after he climbed down, and, frankly, not much after that for the next three days.

So, you’re warned.

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