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Linking Glasses

Britney Spears in her most challenging role ever: virgin! (AgentBedhead)

Jessica Alba no longer ovulating (HolyCandy)

Olsen Twins not trolls: Olsen Twins elves instead! (GalleryOfTheAbsurd)

Janice Dickinson has a dating time warp (CelebritySmack)

Victoria Beckham has aquarium-ectomy (BricksAndStones)

Clone a Beatle for $48,000 (GoneHollywood)

Johnny Depp in the role of a lifetime! (DailyStab)

Naomi Campbell in cellphone freakout #eleventy-billion (Gabsmash)

Madonna finds yoga just not relaxing enough. May we suggest an enema? (Mollygood)

Kylie Minogue’s dominatrix gear at the Nobel Peace Prize dinner (Websters)

Ike Turner is dead: party at Tina’s! (PerezHilton)

Zac Efron cranks his Soulja Boy (JustJared)

Vince Vaughn: please don’t drink and dress (TheMeatScale)

Eva Longoria doesn’t do kinky (WOWReport)

Britney’s mystery illness? An allergy to press. Oh, go ahead, pull the other one (EvilBeet)

Top Celebrity Meltdowns of 2007 (ImNotObsessed)

Jennifer Love Hewitt may not have a big butt, but she’s got a big rock (DanasDirt)

Bryan Adams serenades PeeWee Herman with that good, old-fashioned Canadian Christmas Reggae (HolyMoly)

Most Overpaid Celebrities of 2007 (Defamer)

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