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Jeremy Piven | Ayyyy! - Part 2
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Jessica Alba discovers esoteric French cuisine: the ham and cheese sandwich (Dlisted)

RIP Gary Gygax (TeenyManolo)

JLo and Marc Anthony are so over doing it (DailyStab)

Liev Schrieber is a sexy supervillain (Derober)

Rosie O’Donnell: a portrait of the artist as a pile of junk food (AgentBedhead)

Nicole beats Xtina in the Mommystakes (CelebritySmack)

Jessica Alba is turning into JLo: Oh No! (IBBB)

Paris Hilton’s Buddhist holy man is unholy sham (GoneHollywood)

Vanessa Hudgens gets her drink, arrest on (BackseatCuddler)

Madonna and Demi Moore’s Oscar party candids (Defamer)

20 stupidest faces of Patrick Swayze, and that’s some tough competition (BWE)

Jeremy Piven parties with geeks (Gawker)

Famous writers as children (SomethingAwful)

The Project Runway guide to New York (Gridskipper)

Celebrities without necks (Celebitchy)

Pete Doherty … nah, I can’t say THAT! (Celebwarship)

Mac Guy sez Charlie’s Angel smells heavenly (ImNotObsessed)

There IS no tomorrow for Paula Abdul (ICYDK)

Mary-Kate Olsen’s face approaching Joan Rivers territory (Cityrag)

KFed is fat. Word. The word is “Fat.” (Yeeeeah)

Jamie Lee Curtis is not afraid of Jason, not afraid of Freddy Krueger, and she’s sure as HELL not afraid of a little constipation (GlitteratiGossip)

Information Superlinkway

Lily Allen miscarriage (PerezHilton)

Was Gywneth Paltrow’s hospital visit pregnancy-related? (HollywoodBackwash)

B52s release a new album (WOWReport)

Pete Doherty wears lingerie (Yeeeeah)

Or maybe he goes commando (AgentBedhead)

Amy Winehouse’s husband is a Mommy’s Boy (CelebWarship)

Diddy needs a new parasol valet (ASocialitesLife)

Piven buys dresses for women he’s never met (Mollygood)

Tara Reid; your drunk boobie pix roundup (Cityrag)

Sarah Jessica Parker pretends she didn’t have a nose job (ImNotObsessed)

There’s more than one Britney Spears? OH NOES! (JustJared)

Oprah fires Dr Phil’s Britney-bandwagon-jumping opportunistic Texas ass (Popbytes)

Hasselhoff holidays in rehab, lives out Fairytale of New York (CeleBitchy)

Rachel Ray throws coffee diva fit (HolyCandy)

Kate Moss, now appearing as Slutty Professor Trelawney (GoFugYourself)

The Albino Wino goes haywire (DListed)

Everybody wants Britney dead (Defamer)

Johnny Depp dresses down for Paris (CelebritySmack)

Meta! Article on how people don’t read (Gawker)

Joan Collins, rock of ages (Jezebel)

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Manolo says, this is technically what is knows as the hams sandwich.

Link the Halls

Nicolas Sarkozy is a sexy bitch, and so is his supermodel (AgentBedhead)

Pamela Anderson divorce is on/off/on/what time is it? (CelebritySmack)

Jennifer Love Hewitt is not big-bottomed, she’s pregnant! (Yeeeeah)

Michael Jackson, natural beauty. Do. Not. Click. Without. Strong. Stomach. 4realz (PopOnThePop)

Nicole Kidman wears tinfoil pantsuit, picks up thetans at three furlongs! (CelebWarship)

Heather Mills to write gold digger’s manual? (Gabbybabble)

Beyonce Knowles: singer, dancer, actress, psychic (HolyCandy)

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton welcome another little Goth (CelebrityBabyScoop)

10 most stylish stars of 2007 (ImNotObsessed)

Best autographers in Hollywood (Defamer)

Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson sing gaily about drugs! (Jezebel)

Julia Roberts knits fan sweaters for Johnny Depp’s kids (CeleBitchy)

Is Amy Winehouse an addicted loser or a racist addicted loser?  (Mollygood)

Picket-busting buttho’s? (Dlisted)

Any Winehouse Suicide Pact (PerezHilton)

Scared of Santa gallery (TeenyManolo)

Jeremy Piven, Celebration of Self

Manolo says, Ayyyy! Jeremy Piven’s Ego has just gone super nova!

The New New Odd Couple

Can two Emmy award winners share a Penthouse condo without driving each other crazy? Find out on the New New Odd Couple, Thursday nights after My Name is Earl.

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