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Jessica MacGuyver!

Jessica Biel improvises

Jessica Biel improvises

Now THAT is a star! Caught in Berlin without her luggage, Jessica Biel quickly ripped down the wallpaper from the lobby of a Best Western and contrived a nifty little top and bottom number that had the fashionistas swooning. With laughter.

Jessica Tiel

Jessica Biel in Teal

Jessica Biel in Teal

Is this allowed? Posting a picture of something really, really Austin Powerseriffic and saying “I like it?” Or will the blogging police come for me? Do I need to say it’s too long and she really needs to comb her hair, or can I just say “I like it” and leave it at that? Or should I pretend to do some research and toss on another pic and a poll to legitimize it?

Austin Powers

Austin Powers

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At last we learn the backstory to the shot herd ’round the world. Oh Snoop, we’ve all been there.

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Retroactive Links

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Jessica Biel, languishing backstage

He will return for me..perhaps

What kind of callous person abandons a lady with a twisted ankle, leaving her with nothing more than a sweat rag to fend off the hungry paparazzi!  Better take a seat and make yourself comfortable love, because it doesn’t look like he’ll be back anytime soon.

Jessica who?

Wednesday Humperlinks

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It’s a People Business

And the people are…

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Borat sued for making etiquette expert look uptight. Whodathunkit? (HolyCandy)

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The Unsexiest Women: the blowback (2BlogOrNot2Blog)

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Links, linked

Willie Nelson’s celebrity tractor race (Stillisstillmoving)

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Dumbledore, gay (Popwatch)

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