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Kongrats, Kate!

But it's a Laura Ashley pillowcase!

But it's a Laura Ashley pillowcase!

Kudos to Kate! She and I both landed new jobs this week: mine, reporter, hers, house elf.

Guess the Celebrity: who is that masked woman?

You know how it works. Put your guesses in the comments, and with the track record you people have, it should take you about forty-five seconds.

No peeking!

No peeking!

And after it’s taken you no time at all to guess our illustrious guest, you can peruse our gossip links for today.

Angela Lansbury murders her whiskey (lolebrity)

Today in WTF (raincoaster)

Shoe horns and corn links (Ayyyy)

A toast to toast! (Manolofood)

Helen Mirren will kick your ass (AgentBedhead)

Still life with cocktails? WHERE’S MY INVITATION? (BusyBeeBlogger)

Justin Bieber gets waxed! (CelebDirtyLaundry)

The Man with the Golden Reality Show (CelebritySmack)

But was Timberlake naked, too? (CelebVIPLounge)

The Cougar Report (Cougared)

Mazel Tov, Alyssa Milano (DailyStab)

This is why Britney still has more money than you do (Earsucker)

Colin Firth is shameless (GirlsTalkinSmack)

Bieber buzzed (GossipTeen)

Lady Gaga is impervious to weather (HaveUHeard)

Billy Ray Cyrus is kittenwhipped (INeedMyFix)

Britney’s video fallout (PoorBritney)

Faye Dunaway flies coach, gets punk’d (PopBytes)

Kate Beckinsale uses her boobs as a pet carrier? (TheSkinny)

Baby Spice 4.0 on the way (SkinnyChic)

Kate Beckinsale Horribly Disfigured in Acid Mishap

Kate Beckinsale Takes It Back To The 80's!

The 80’s are, apparently, back. This could be a fatal combination: nosebleed 00’s heels that mean you can’t straighten your legs without falling down and acidwash jeans so tight you can’t bend your knees. Someone stop her before she goes Full 80’s.

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Post-Christmas Port Links

Donate your used cellphones and cameras to a good cause (FearlessCity)

ScarJo’s snot ‘spensive! (AgentBedhead)

Kate Beckinsale picks up the mantle of Eartha Kitt (AmyGrindhouse)

KFed sure can pick ’em! (CelebWarship)

The 12 Blogs of the Lohan Family (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Santa brought Prince William a beard for Christmas (CeleBitchy)

Winehouse in St.Lucia, not in rehab (CelebritySmack)

Jessica Simpson has hope! (DailyStab)

The Flack Awards (Defamer)

Blogs are dead! (DListed)

War of the Bootsies! (EvilBeet)

Lance Armstrong to be babydaddy (CandyKirby)

Orlando Bloom is a biker for God (JustJared)

Late Christmas present (UKPopSugar)

and another pressie (SeriouslyOMG)

One more reason to hate Paris Hilton (Websters)

The Renaissance of Georgette Mosbacher (WOWReport)

Wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole

I should wash more

As the look on Jennifer Garner’s face suggests, how can we be sure that this is just a dress and not really a rare dermatological disorder that manifests itself in the form of fleshy ear-shaped whorls, but smells like feet?  Indeed she’d be wise to keep her hands well away – who knows how horribly contagious these mystery skin afflictions can be and Hollywood is already a hotbed of fungal infections as it is.

Monday Night Links

Jason Priestley bringz it (Lolebrity)

Who’s on Hollywood’s All Strop Team? (Defamer)

Poor Pete apoplectic over petrol prices (AgentBedhead)

Marrying for money never works, even when you’re Mariah Carey (POTP)

Not even Amy Winehouse dares stand up a Russian billionaire (CelebritySmack)

A million celebrities and only one nose (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Charlie’s Angels reunion (DailyStab)

Mark Wahlberg vs the Golden Boys (ImNotObsessed)

Battle of the Jennifers: Aniston vs Connelly (CandyKirby)

Mary-Louise Parker really gets into her sex scenes (SeriouslyOMG)

Hermione bags an elephant (CeleBitchy)

How R.Kelly walked (Stereohyped)

Hilary Duff will not play your cameltoe games! (IBBB)

Queen Bee Amy Winehouse fires the beehive-builder (PRInside)

Kate Beckinsale demands butt double (HolyMoly)

Keanu airs out the pallor (DListed)

Charlize Theron speaks out about the Will Smith slap (JustJared)

Friday G&T Links

Britney Spears has dim inisht car pass city (Lolebrity)

The first Triple Crown win in thirty years? (TheAspiringHorseplayer)

Lindsay Lohan has more lives than a house full of cats (AgentBedhead)

Vin Diesel is a daddy! (DailyStab)

Evander Holyfield nearly loses ear, may lose house as well (CelebritySmack)

KFed will not be bought! Cheaply! (ImNotObsessed)

Click here and watch your ovaries expload: Prince Harry holding a baby! (DListed)

Celebrity Dad Faceoff: Viggo Mortensen vs Jon Bon Jovi (TeenyManolo)

Willy Nelson is a nut; Jessica Simpson is a speed demon (Defamer)

Lynda Carter reports finding a dead woman in the Potomac (CeleBitchy)

Christina Aguilera misuses the American flag (Yeeeeah)

Jennifer Lopez defects to Moscow, twins nowhere in sight (PopSugar)

Kate Beckinsale is uni-talented (Websters)

They grow up so fast…when their mother is Kate Beckinsale, that is (Mollygood)

Jude Law will have none of your “match the shoes to the outfit” Naziism! (JustJared)

“Do ya feel lucky, Spike Lee? Well, do ya?” (CandyKirby)

Billionaire Nerd is secret sex, drug fiend (PerezHilton)

The first rule of Metallica is, you don’t talk about Metallica (Idolator)

Tuesday and the Linking is Easy

Pete’s in the pokey (AgentBedhead)

Amy Winehouse is a wigger (Yeeeeah)

Wigger, please. Benji Madden’s blackface birthday (ImNotObsessed)

Top Ten most hated people on the internet (Radar)

Stars in their eyes, parole in their futures: top 25 child stars (Defamer)

Nobody puts Swayze in the corner (CeleBitchy)

Tom Cruise’s Village People connection (HollywoodOffender)

Naomi Campbell is black, beautiful, bitchy, and banned (TheBlemish)

Bai Ling is Grand Fug Champion, 2008 (GoFugYourself)

War of the Worlds 2 starring John Travolta and not at all insane Tom Cruise (CelebritySmack)

Christina Aguilera’s peeled pool party profanity (GenosWorld)

Jessica Simpson finds her dream man (Websters)

The inexorable return of Corey Haim (SeriouslyOMG)

90210 2.0 (CircusHour)

I Ken Lee: a YouTube superstar is born (TheManolo)

Brian Atene: a YouTube superstar returns (YouTube)

Kate Beckinsale’s Kiefer Sutherland fantasy (DailyStab)

David Beckham has been a bad, bad boy (JustJared)

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