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Kate Hudson | Ayyyy! - Part 4
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Ayyyy! Pop quiz

Goldie Hawn

“Lance meets the mom!” crow the headlines, thus providing the official stamp of approval on the burgeoning love between Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson.  But what is really going on in this post-lunch scene?
(a) Lance is happily watching Goldie walk away as only a man who has dated scores of hot blondes can do
(b) Kate seems aghast at the size of her mom’s ass, as if it were a grim portent of things to come.
(c) One of the photographers has just spotted the image of Virgin Mary on Goldie’s behind
(d) Like the rest of us, Goldie has had quite enough of this couple and needs to lie down

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From the mouths of celebrities

Kate Hudson on her son’s predilection for disrobing the opposite sex with his pudgy little hands:

“I’m working on trying to get him off being interested in female parts. He thinks it’s hilarious when he pulls off my shirt. It’s started – the interest in boobies.”

Well that goes some way towards explaining the dress below.  When confronted with an overly curious toddler, bombard him with a relentless barrage of colours and shapes. He will get very easily confused like that, thus laying the groundwork for his adult dating years.

Childproof dress

Wednesday Humperlinks

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Linking Home

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Who wore it better?

Bubbly blondeBlonde bimbo

One has been named as “People’s Most Beautiful”, the other should be crowned as “People’s Most Stupid Fool”.

Pretty Link Machine

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