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Katie Holmes | Ayyyy! - Part 10
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Link Hour

That would be “Nottie” (AgentBedhead)

Yoko Ono lays the smackdown on a Lennon-grabber (Celebitchy)

Actually, we don’t like Lindsay Lohan most of the time (Yeeeeah)

The New York Celebrity Death Map (Gridskipper)

Bai Ling bailed (Defamer)

Hayden Christensen isn’t gay, he’s just emo (Gawker)

Scarlett Johansson is a Blind Melon fan. Natalie Portman, not so much (GoFugYourself)

Amy Winehouse covers her tits for once (CelebritySmack)

Ewan McGregor is the new Chris Crocker (GabbyBabble)

The Olsen Twins are a couple of bags (ImBringingBloggingBack)

Johnny Knoxville’s close call (GoneHollywood)

Nick Lachey shills blinged-out Hot Wheels (DailyStab)

Hilary Duff’s duff choice (HolyCandy)

Kate Moss, supermodel, crimefighter (HolyMoly)

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard spend Valentine’s Day together (ImNotObsessed)

Billy Baldwin skips out on a lunch tab (Mollygood)

I am cougar: hear me roar (Cityrag)

Tom Cruise forces Katie Holmes to lose an “I” (ASocialitesLife)

Indy Fever begins! (EvilBeet)

Lily Allen is a 16-Hour Party Person (PerezHilton)

Boy Wonder no more: Chris O’Donnell is Man Wonderbread (Websters)

Happy Valentine’s Link!

McDreamy and McSteamy Valentines cards 4 u! (Defamer)

Twisted celebrity Valentines (GalleryOfTheAbsurd)

Happy Singles Awareness Day! (Jezebel)

Happy National Impotence Day! (Fleshbot, site NSFW)

Slash’s son is a chip off the old testicle (AgentBedhead)

Valentine’s Day love sayings (Quotes)

Gay modern love stories (Gawker)

Send Lane Garrison a Valentine (CelebritySmack)

What Material is the Material Girl made of? (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Jennifer LOVE Hewitt is a flower girl (DailyStab)

Jane Fonda talks dirty (Celebrity Cowboy)

Is Katie Holmes carrying dodecatuplets? (ASocialitesLife)

Lindsay Lohan’s low-maintenance, love-ready ‘do (HolyCandy)

Kelly Osborne, ice queen (Dlisted)

The Beautiful People just want to look like… (CityRag)

For the sake of L.O.V.E. I am posting a Rumer Willis link (JustJared)

Jamie-Lynn Spears and her babydaddy still together at month 5 (ImNotObsessed)

Kirstie Alley’s body thetans cost her the Jenny Craig gig (Popbytes)

Mr. T pities the fool who’s gone all metrosexual this Valentine’s Day (HolyMoly)

Nelly Furtado may be sperminated (PerezHilton)

Who wore it better?

Great voiceGreat voicebox

One can stand up on her own, the other needs to be propped up by her puppetmaster.

Link Time Coming

Mary-Kate is renting out Heath Ledger’s apartment (WOWreport)

Tyra Banks is a mess, not so hot (Gawker)

Heidi Fleiss is a different kind of mess, also not hot (TMZ)

Val Kilmer is the patron Saint of Knight Rider (Defamer)

The Four Horsemen of Scientology (WebstersIsMyBitch)

Eva Mendes escapes from In ‘n Out rehab (EvilBeet)

Jack Klugman not dead, now married. Sorry, ladies! (SeriouslyOMGWTF)

Rocker Zombie Force UNITE! (Mollygood)

Eighties Zombie on the loose! (HolyCandy)

Aretha Franklin, athlete! (Dlisted)

The Celine Dion workout (GypsyMiller)

Amy Winehouse to enjoy the Grammys from the comfort of her own sofa (USMagazine)

Angelina Jolie on Baghdad, in Baghdad (ImNotObsessed)

Charlize Theron hanging with the hottest pack of trannies in prepdom (DailyStab)

Why is Britney free when Gitmo is full? (CelebritySmack)

Madonna and her Mini-Me (AgentBedhead)

The Britney and Xenu Variety Show

Britney Spears’ GurneyGate 2.0 : the timeline (Defamer)

GurneyGate 2.0: The starfuckers speak! (CelebritySmack)

GurneyGate 2.0 was a plot? (ASocialitesLife)

Britney Spears is NOT full of it (CelebWarship)

Justin Chambers is keeping Britney company on the psych ward (TMZ)

Ryan Secrest is a Victoria’s Secret angel (AgentBedhead)

Celebrity day jobs (Cityrag)

Katie Holmes rebels! (Celebitchy)

Xenu strikes back; Scientology centers evacuated (Dlisted)

Jessica Simpson has a well-padded torso (DailyStab)

Speaking of which: quiz: who’s your celebrity boob twin? (raincoaster)

Elijah Wood: hot or not? (POTP)

Rachel Bilson IS the Eighties (GoFugYourself)

Jake Gyllenhaal was stayin’ alive (NinjaDude)

Billy Bush lays the smackdown on Mary Hart over exploitative Heath Ledger video (HolyCandy)

George Clooney is serious, perfect (Popsugar)

Teri Hatcher is a bag carrier (ImNotObsessed)

Behind the masks: Michael Jackson’s children have faces. White faces (Mollygood)

JK Rowling and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat (TheMeatScale)

Pete Doherty at no risk of babydaddyhood (PerezHilton)

I have linked that in my area

YOU don’t know how to cure constipation! Tom Cruise DOES! (Youtube)

And Adam Sandler knows Tom Cruise…or at least is willing to blurb on his behalf (EvilBeet)

The Tom Cruise Scientology video you haven’t seen! (YouTube)(for now!)

Quiz: Who’s your TV boyfriend? (CelluloidBlonde)

Attention bloggers: Adopt A Writer! (AdoptAWriter)

Brit-onomics: how Britney Spears feeds multitudes (Defamer)

How not to be Heath Ledger (Gawker)

Britney is sick “in a good way,” feeling philosophical (TMZ)

Rambo vs the Governator (AgentBedhead)

Kate Moss looks like her mother (DailyStab)

George Clooney goes after Britney with a baseball bat (AllieIsWired)

Ashley Olsen always looks like you’re about to hit her with a stick (ImNotObsessed)

The Hannah Montana terrorist has been arrested (TrashyCeleb)

Jennifer Love Hewitt tells you 10 things you don’t know about women (POTP)

Dolly Parton’s plastic surgery roundup (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Stephen Colbert gets the Mount Rushmore treatment (CelebritySmack)

Anderson Cooper puts his foot down on the Heath Ledger mania (HolyCandy)

Was Katie Holmes pregnant before meeting Tom Cruise? (CrazyDaysAndNights)

Britney gave Drew Barrymore a run for her money (NinjaDude)

McDreamy in uniform, sigh… (PerezHilton)

Pamela Anderson is a vegetarian dish past its freshness date (Copyranter)


Heath Ledger, 28, RIP (Gawker)

Heath Ledger’s scarily foreshadowing interview (PerezHilton)

Heath Ledger’s final bow (Defamer)

Now that Suzanne Pleshette is gone, it’s all up to Angie Dickinson (raincoaster)

P. Doody has another name change (CelebritySmack)

Angelina Jolie is DISSED! (WebstersIsMyBitch)

Scarlett Johansson’s boobs cheer up the troops (AgentBedhead)

Lindsay Lohan wins two Razzies! (HollywoodOffender)

Christina Aguilera’s baby is one of the Chosen People (GabbyBabble)

The TomKat robot! (PrettyOnTheOutside)

Dita VonTeese offers you her secret weapon (CelebWarship)

The John Travolta Scientology video, in case you thought you’d seen them all (CeleBitchy)

Beauty Queen bitchfight (Dlisted)

Margaret Cho lets flow (HuffPo)

Mena Suvari rocks the Auntie Entity Beyond Thunderdome look (GoFugYourself)

Charlie Sheen vs Denise Richards: classfest! (HolyCandy)

Nicole Richie watched herself give birth in the mirror (ImNotObsessed)

30 Seconds to SARS (Mollygood)

Link Rustling

RIP Scrabulous (Gawker)

Tom Cruise doesn’t need your permission (Defamer)

to outsource raising his two older kids (SeriouslyOMGWTF)

and L Ron Hubbard doesn’t need Tom Cruise’s permission, allegedly (BricksAndStones)

Amy Winehouse is in even worse trouble than we thought (Fametastic)

And her husband just dumped her for his prison wife (EntertainmentWise)

Have a Cracky Holiday: Amy Winehouse holiday album in the works (JustJared)

Clay Aiken, the glammest leprechaun in all of Las Vegas (Dlisted)

The Quaids talk about their babies’ overdose (CeleBitchy)

Paris Hilton skunks up The Peninsula (GabbyBabble)

Britney Spears is anticipating…publicity (CelebWarship)

David Spade sperminates! (AllieIsWired)

George Clooney likes a good pranking! (TheBlemish)

Celebrity Lips: the good, the bad, the terrifying (BodyPhilosophy)

Ike Turner: Coke is the real thing! (CelebritySmack)

Katherine Heigl’s biggest fan gifts her with Nicoderm (DailyStab)

Wifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Catherine Zeta-Jones vs Clooney’s Brunette of the Day (HolyCandy)

Dita von Teese is Breaking Bad, but Looking Good (ImNotObsessed)

George Michael to tell all, IF he can remember it (PerezHilton)

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